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I don't have anything to add here, save for a link to my friend's website on which he reviews ps2 games and some other games and some films and what not. Read the reviews bastard.

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(Sat 2nd Jun 2007, 2:34, More)

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» Ripped Off

Blank CDs
I remember a few years back, my friend and I wanted a bit of money so we devised the highly original idea of copying computer games and selling them at a market well-known for this trade. However, we were lazy and decided in the end we couldn't be bothered copying one game onto 30-40 discs, it would simply take too long. So we just decided to sell blank discs and pretend they had games on them.

This also meant we could effectively sell games that didn't exist, or weren't out yet. So I scanned in some PS2 game covers (eg. GTA Vice City - long before it was relased on PC; and some other PS2 exclusive games) and I modified the covers to say "PC CD-Rom". Then we found an empty stall which a few hours later we got thrown off for not paying for and sold the games for £5 each, mainly to 10 year olds.

I like to think we made a lot of children cry that day.
(Sun 18th Feb 2007, 18:39, More)

» Pet Peeves

I find it pissing annoying that I'll have to die, and what's even worse is it will be after only about 80 years! What the fuck is going to take place that's remotely exciting in the 60 or so years I might have left? Nothing.

Are we going ot terraform Mars in that time? No fucking way. Are we going to have world peace and an end to prejudice so I don't have to walk down a street without hearing some cock going on about "bloody Poles/Pakis/Chinks (delete as applicable)"? No. Are we going to have widespread adoption of teleportation ending the hegemony of oil? No. Am I going to get any good at pool in that time? No. Are we going to make contact with an alien race, let alone for long enough to deduce their inevetibly bizzare language enough that we can have meaningful conversations about esoteric topics such as if you go back in time 2000 years and bring back brand new vase, is it 2000 years old or just one day? No. Will there be anything decent on Channel 5 in that time? No. Are we going to end world hunger, disease and overpopulation? No. Are we going to convert the Moon into a nuclear powerplant? No. Are we going to harness the power of the Sun so we can cure global warming by turning it down to gas mark 5? No.

All those things might happen when I'm dead though. I feel like I've not so much missed the boat, as arrived at the seaport dying from a stab wound.
(Thu 1st May 2008, 23:56, More)

» Pet Peeves


(Mon 5th May 2008, 1:14, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

Every kind of undeseriable person being labelled as "cowards"
I am a coward. To me, cowardice is a sensible policy and keeps me from getting into trouble or killed.

If I see some drunk people looking for trouble, I turn around and briskly walk the other way, because I'm scared of them. If I ever felt like getting a gun and robbing a bank, I'd think of the consequences of being shot by armed police and wouldn't bother. If an army recruiter tried to get me to join the army, I'd say no because I'm terrified of being blown up by a roadside bomb.

I don't particularly like being told by politicians that my one of my main philosophies is also the main failing of terrorists, murderers and child abusers. As if taking pilots hostage on a crowded plane with a plastic knife is an act borne of timidity. And surely murdering someone in cold blood requires overcoming a fear of being attacked in self-defence, retribution or just being caught later. There's a word that describes overcoming fear; "courage". The very opposite of cowardice.

Fear, of course, is an essential biological response. It's helped us survive in the past. Let's not turn our backs on it. Frankly, we'd be much better off if more people were cowards.

I'd do something about it, but I don't really want to cause any trouble.
(Tue 13th Apr 2010, 20:50, More)

» Advice from Old People

An old person once told me:
"Never confuse correlation with causation. Since I realised that, my life has been so much better."

One day, someone will find this joke funny.
(Thu 19th Jun 2008, 17:39, More)
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