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» Books

Have a nice day
I love reading, iv devoured them all: Dan Brown, Harry Potter, LOTR, War & Peace etc. But the best book without a doubt iv ever had the pleasue of losing myself in was....Mick Foley - Have a nice day.

This book was realeased in early 2000's and i loved it. It is a wrestlers autobiography but dont let this put you off. It isnt ghost written like most AB's, he wrote it all by himself on severel books off note paper and it is filled with wit and humour and a couple of the stories made me laugh out loud and did so every time i re-read the book.

He followed this up with Foley is Good a couple of years later which was...a bit rubbish.
Oh and i also can recommend the Reacher books by Lee Child.
(Fri 6th Jan 2012, 9:52, More)

» Personal Hygiene

Noticed a few of the stinkers mentioned are called Martin, I have my own tale to tell about a stinky Martin.

Martin had Whiskers that would of made a walrus proud, What looked like green fungus growing at the top of his teeth n around his gums and a almighty sweaty smell that was unbearable.

Martin just appeared at school one day in year 10, for those interested the school was in Stevenage, and it wasnt one of the good ones.

My first encounter with Martin was as we were Qing up outside for drama. I was walking across the yard towards the drama block and i became aware of a rather strong smell and it stunk.
Martin was stood with my friends and our first encounter went something like this:

Me: What the fuck is that smell

Friends: Shut up Clunge

M: Can u not smell it?

F: Shut it

M: Christ thats bad, it seems to be coming from new boy.

F: Dont be a twat, leave him alone.

Fuck me, a week later they were all ripping the piss out of him calling him all sorts of really crude smell related names and throwing deoderant cans at him, hypocritcal bastards.

Shit story i know but iv been awake for 28 hrs now due too some rather good base and i needed something to do.

Length? A side effect is severe shrinkage!
(Sat 24th Mar 2007, 10:54, More)

» Mistaken Identity

How many?
Ryan Giggs - No havent got his chiseled features.
Joe90 - Who? I Should google it!
Kryton - Yes the one out of red dwarf!
Eminem - WTF???
(Sun 3rd Jun 2007, 6:05, More)

» Cross Dressing

Cross dressing is bad mmmmmmmmmkay
After a nite of consuming certain class A pills i awoke from my slumber on my friends kelly's settee covered by a comfy blanket.

My mate Craig come through into the living room and the conversation goes like this:

Me: urgh

Craig: Morning girly

M: Girly? WTF?

C: Look what ur wearing!

I removed comfy blanket to reveal a rather fetching pair of ladies knee high boots and kells best little black dress.

IMO i didnt look to bad.
Length... Knee high baby.
(Thu 15th Mar 2007, 15:50, More)