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The things they clicked
Strong Genes

Wogan's Happy Lepre-Cannon!

Pun Across the Centuries

La Vache Qui Regurgiter

Dungeon Dad Blames Daughter's Drug Use

Martini Luther King Day


St. Thomas: Still unsure

Following the Fashion Snail-Trail

Solved: the Enigma of William Tell

Subtle, seductive mouse-trap

*bowling alley sound effects*

"No Dave don't!"

Isaac Hayes RIP

George and his magic throat

Twitching curtains (NSFW)

controversial scrotal sac

Magritte's secret techniques exposed!

Man-baps in Pop

Pimp My Hat, 1874 edition

Duck fan peaked at #10 in the Duck image challenge.

and speaking of inflammatory gestures...

based on a true typo
based on a true typo

ancient drawing

The inevitable Western retaliation
the inevitable Western backlash?

Spotted in a Roman record shop
petrified in their prime

A homage to Men's Health

Truth in street signage

lift of the future

Tony's First Time

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L'Oreal denies 'whitening' Beyoncé in latest print ad
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