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er... so this is me.... erm.... but enough about me how are you?

I see that's a smashing blouse you have on!

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» Mistaken Identity

I should have said 'no' just like Zammo...
I am blessed with the good fortune of living in the same town as the actor John Drummond, aka Trevor Cleaver from Grange Hill.

Being of a similar height and having the same locks of golden... er... rust. I am often mistaken for him when out drinking in the town centre. This is usually met with contempt as I snarl for the umpteenth time in an evening that I am NOT the fire-crotched acting wonder.

That is until one time, a rather attractive lady approaches me in the late hours of evening and starts flirting with me. She asks the dreaded question, but keen as my breeding skills were at the time, I said that "yes, I am Trevor from Grange Hill".

Cue an hour of bullshit conversation about Roly being a great guy and how Mrs McLusky was quite the GILF in real life in a feeble attempt to end up in the sack with this beautiful creature. It worked.

But alas I was struck with a sorry heart the next day... I had lied to this apparent 8-9 pinter that I was someone I am not... but also with the fact that this person wanted to sleep with a famous person, but only set her standards as to an ex Grange Hill child star.

I dressed quickly and let myself out feeling slightly sickened with myself...

Length? Its ok, it was Trevor's for the evening...
(Wed 6th Jun 2007, 17:14, More)