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Hello, i'm a 19 year old student in nottingham. I'm not the best shopper in the world, so please be gentle.

Here is a nice little something my good friend, mr Sheehan, whipped up for me. (it's supposed to be me btw)

Proud nottingham dwelling b3tan

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» Sleepwalking

dunno if it counts
but i had a dream that my sister came into my room and set the alarm on my stereo even though i have a separate alarm clock, so when my alarm went off to wake me for college, i lept out of bed, and started unplugging everything in my room trying to silence the infernal bleeping. It took about 5 minutes of panic and confused plug-yanking before i woke up enough to figure out just to hit the snooze button.

My sister does it too though. She used to work as a barmaid at our local, and would frequently wake to find she'd been sitting on the edge of her bed, pouring invisible pints.
(Wed 22nd Aug 2007, 23:42, More)

» Best Graffiti Ever

The best ones are the simple ones of childhood innocence
when you're issued with a new text book in science, history or geography at the beginning of a new school year. To open to half way through the book only to find an enormous CDC enscirbed in biro, spunking all over the battle of hastings, or protruding from edwin chadwick's crotch. It naturally became your duty to sometime during the year leave a similar gift for next year's recipient. It's like counting the rings in a tree trunk, you can tell the age of a text book by counting the penises.
(Mon 7th May 2007, 21:58, More)

» Work Experience

It wasn't really work experience
But last summer i spent a day working for my dad at his publishing company, shifting roughly 50 boxes (each containing about 70 books) of adult novels from his old factory to his new one. Each one with it's own (ironically) NSFW cover, the best 20 quid i've ever earned. He does publish normal books too, but the majority of it is adult. My dad's job is fuckin awesome :p
(Thu 10th May 2007, 21:42, More)

» Your first cigarette

Losing your smoking virginity
My first time wasn't that remarkable, and it didn't really put me off, as i'm a smoker now, but i have noticed that on most people's first time, they inhale, then breathe it straight back out of their nose. It happened to me, yet i've never been able to do it again, and i know it's happened with loads of other people. Like breaking some sort of smoking hymen.
(Fri 21st Mar 2008, 22:08, More)

» I witnessed a crime

I unintentionally saw Bring Me the Horizon live
honest to god a crime against everything rock and heavy metal has accomplished since the late 70s. The wall of death in which no one bothered to actually run back into the room was especially painful to behold.
(Fri 15th Feb 2008, 0:06, More)
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