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I scream

(Fri 26th Nov 2004, 21:05, More)


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(Thu 1st Jan 2004, 14:15, More)

In honour of George W's state visit

Tony makes a change at Westminster.
(Mon 17th Nov 2003, 21:48, More)

Henrietta liked nothing better than a great big hairy spider


(Sun 16th Nov 2003, 23:00, More)

ooooh matrix

(Sat 25th Oct 2003, 23:39, More)

After a bad row my girlfriend bought me this.

She told me to leave the safety-catch off,
I didn't even know that hairdryers had
a safety-catch.
(Sat 18th Oct 2003, 13:47, More)


(Mon 15th Sep 2003, 23:00, More)


(Fri 5th Sep 2003, 9:53, More)

clicky for biggerer
(Tue 2nd Sep 2003, 14:13, More)

Dyson's plan for world domination revealed

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(Sun 31st Aug 2003, 12:57, More)

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