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A lurker for too long - now signed up and paid member :-)

huhuh - i said member..


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» Mistaken Identity

I have been told I look like:
Timothy Claypole (hence the name)
Phil Mitchell (it used to have "a thin" before it, but alas no longer)
Sting (pre tantric unfortunatley)
Ian Beale (a Eastenders theme here?)
a French guy (possibly the most insulting out the lot)

The thing the makes me wonder though is that these people dont look like each other - so how can i look like them all?

The only person i have been mistaken for is this guy whose picture was in the Metro (newspaper) a while back. I saw a couple next to me keep looking up from their paper and nudging each other. I turned the page of my paper and there was a picture of my double. You may remember the case - there was a guy who was so drunk he mistook someone elses house for his home and was killed by the owner who thought it was burglar.
(Sun 3rd Jun 2007, 23:45, More)