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» Addicted

cleaning my nose with my fingers
hell yes !
(please pardon my english)

at last i don't eat them anymore (almost never).
it's a bit frightening as I'm nearly 31 and has recently started to wonder if my "big nose" is due to my genes (good question as none of my parents have a big nose) or to this habit.
Why frightening ? because, considering its growing speed, my nose might have the size of a potato when I'm 45 just because I can't stand feeling this shit in it AND because a tissue won't ever clean as good a my fingers.

Recently, I've been thinking of working on that with my "Cognitive behavioral therapyst" as we had no more real stuff to work on (yes, therapy can reach an end : I am now a normal person, you damn psychos). But he might succeed, so I won't.

Anyway, it's fun too : my last love used to laugh because she could put her own nose in my nosestrills.

edit :
BTW, how do you call these things ???
(Thu 18th Dec 2008, 17:33, More)

» My most gullible moment

so easy : the first time I did vote, of course !
well, maybe the second time. Or the third... No, the fourth !
In fact, everytime I vote.
(Mon 25th Aug 2008, 13:00, More)