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» Advice from Old People

With respect to the orginal author...
...who is older than me so I'm counting it.

The best advice I ever received was written on the side of a box of matches, it said "Keep dry and away from children"

Something to live by I think.
(Sat 21st Jun 2008, 13:16, More)

» How nerdy are you?

Pub Quiz
On a monday my local does a pub quiz, trouble is there's a shit 'quiz fortunes' round where basically you give 4 answers to each question in a family fortunes style way.


A few weeks back one of the questions was "Name a relation" to which my response was an off the cuff "One-to-many". I honestly didn't realise for a few seconds why everybody on my table was looking at me funny.
(Tue 11th Mar 2008, 23:34, More)

» The worst sex I ever had

Just a quick one
Ok guys straw poll.

Who's ever been stabbed in the end of your cock with a coil (IUD whatever)?

It's less fun than you might imagine and ends procedings quite swiftly.
(Fri 15th Jun 2007, 11:32, More)

» Spoilt Brats

I worry...
...That the spoiled people being discussed here today are the same folk who were thanking their parents or whoever else was nice to them in the last QOTW.

Just a thought.
(Thu 9th Oct 2008, 23:18, More)

» The worst sex I ever had

Last night
Mid-coitus, the young lady asks me:

"What does the J stand for in 'JD' from scrubs"


Killed the mood a bit. However I think I qualify for the worst sex ever if that was the most pressing thing on her mind at the time.
(Thu 21st Jun 2007, 15:22, More)
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