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» Stuff You've Overheard

quim shame (not as much overheard as HEARD by everyone)
A very drunken woman staggered up to a friend in a bar and loudly proclaimed "Hello love, I know you don't I! I work at the beauticians, yeah? I do you down there, yeah?". Oh how we laughed.
(Wed 9th Jun 2004, 23:36, More)

» Have you ever started a fire?

Flaming johnny
Rubber johnny + can of Pledge = Richard Branson sized aerosol/condom combo.

Applying a naked flame to said combo results in a massive fireball, a tangible shockwave and an impressive "WOOF" noise.

Not recommended for indoors or for people who value their hair and eyebrows.
(Wed 3rd Mar 2004, 15:57, More)