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I'm also a bit of a lurker. Deal with it.

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» Stuff You've Overheard

Wierd Local TV
Walked into the room today to see the end of 'Look East'. The presenter feller's final words were:

"If you have any spare time this evening, smile at a pig."
(Thu 10th Jun 2004, 21:54, More)

» Singing the wrong words

I'm sure this has been done before
but I can't be arsed to check all the way through.

To the tune of the Neighbours

pick your nose and taste the flavours,
add a little bit of brandy,
to make it taste like sugar candy.

The perfect end to an afternoon of violence as an 8 year old.
(Wed 2nd Feb 2005, 14:29, More)

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

I came here jonks ago
Because I typed in antidisestablishmentarianism into google and ended up on B3ta. I've done nothing with my account apart from a few penguin photoshops. good times
(Tue 13th Sep 2011, 20:00, More)

» Premonitions

About a week before the US elections
I had a dream where I met George W. Bush and the bugger turned out to be an alright bloke. After going down local and have a shy half or two, we decided to play tricks on the Secret Service people, with George pretending to be dead or us having fake fights.

On the run up to the election, however much I thought he was a douchebag, I found myself standing up for him in arguements over the election. Then when he won, I was kind of pleased. Sort of an premonition, i think.
(Thu 18th Nov 2004, 21:06, More)

» Irrational Fears

I have a real irrational fear of people touching my knees. I dont know why, they can touch anywhere else and I'm ok, if a little curious as to why they are touching me. Its just if they touch my knees, I completely spaz out.
(Wed 28th Jan 2004, 10:44, More)
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