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» My Wanking Disasters

There was a
lad at school, Hunter. You know the sort, always had the piss taken out of him.
One day, his dad catches him wanking in the bath and so to cover his son’s embarrassment, he goes straight down the local betting shop and announces to the entire place that his son knocks one out in the bath.
He then goes to the local boozer, gets pissed and starts asking the locals if they have any daughters for his son, as he’s been practicing in the bath.
The story spread around quicker than the school slut.
(Fri 4th Jun 2004, 12:12, More)

» Local Nutters

Whet there drinking once and this bloke walks in the pub with full period drama outfit on. Seemed harmless but eccentric, thought he was some kind of thespian. Locals said he did that sort of thing all the time. Then he went into his little bag, pulled out a pair of hair clippers and asked one of us to take an inch off his pubes!
Dunno who was the nutter, him for asking or my mate for actually doing it!!!
(Fri 17th Sep 2004, 12:34, More)