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Work for Tui in Soho, but at 6.30 I pack my bags and flee to Charlton, where I run Commercial Breaks and Beats and laud up the country pikey lifestyle!

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David Seamonkey
This one moves faster than the real one.

(Thu 17th Oct 2002, 9:00, More)

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» Best Graffiti Ever

In the Alexandra in Clapham
There's a piece of graffiti saying:

'Why in London does no-one care about anyone any more?'

and underneath in a different colour it says:

(Fri 4th May 2007, 9:06, More)

» Pure Ignorance

My sister's girlfriend
No, my girlfriend's sister - who I actually find extremely beautiful - once said 'I didn't know that the sun and the moon weren't the same thing'.

I gots ta get me a goyle like dat.
(Fri 7th Jan 2005, 9:34, More)

» Mad Stuff You've Done To Get Someone To Sleep With You

This girl I know said she's sleep with anyone on spec. if they could recite The Jabberwocky off by heart, so I learnt it -- not easy -- and said it to her.

Of course she didn't remember ever saying it. WOMEN!
(Mon 16th Apr 2007, 11:23, More)

» My computer gave away my secrets

A guy I used to work with
Had a visit from the Serious Crime squad (at work) when they discovered he had been buying de-dangerised guns from Guns-4-U through eBay.

Wallop. Sort that one out HR!!
(Fri 10th Feb 2006, 13:28, More)

» Panic Buying

One Christmas
About 10 years ago... all of my extended family were gathered at my Grandmother's shitty stinkpit hovel in Purley, and my cousin and I (both similar ages) opened our gifts.

As I sat there wondering how he could possibly have been given some shampoo with a badly torn label, I moved on to my next 'gift' which turned out to be a comb with some sellotape on it.

I mean for fuck's sake!
(Sat 24th Dec 2005, 18:31, More)
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