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Well, my profile is usually best seen from the side. Most people say they can't see it in face to face convos though. Yeah, I'm an Texan and soon when I am Empress of Texas we shall secede and hold hostage this crappy idea called NAFTA. I like teh fluff, speshully teh kittinz as they is teh most fluffyest of allz. I do have my own kittin named Isis who loves to help mama use the computer.

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What Flavour Are You? I am Chocolate Flavoured.I am Chocolate Flavoured.

I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. What Flavour Are You?

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» Stupid Dares

Bike Gangs
Being a tomboy and loving my old bike back when I was around 11. My best friends and I were riding, jumping curbs, and being rather "stuntish" when we decided we needed bigger thrills. A quick trip to the park was made where we assualted picnic tables and slides with our bmxleetness mad skillz. Still, our quest for greatness lead us to start daring each other to try more insane stunts. Eventually it lead to us making a ramp out of some old lumber and cinderblocks and daring Mike, since it was his turn to be the stunt monkey, to use it and jump across the creek which was like a huge 6 feet across! Off he peddles like a madman, hunkering low for aerodynamics and off into the air he flies. Only to come up about a foot short and smack into the far side, bending the front tire of his bike and depositing him so ungracefully into the bushes. Much laughter ensued despite his cursing at ruining his bike. Then it was my turn and I was dared for the same jump since it was the first failure of our outing, this was our gordian knot. Off I peddled and turned around. I recall hitting the ramp, going airborn, clearing the creek and landing where my front tire promptly found a rut, turned sideways, flung me off my seat, introduced the handlebars to my mouth and then the bike flew over me as I lay there in more pain than I ever had been in my life. I had made the jump but had managed to knock out my lower front 6 teeth and bust my chin open. Lots of dentist/doctor bills later, 6 new fake teeth in place, and a scar on my chin that reminds me of my short lived reign as stunt queen each time I look in the mirror. Never jumped my bike again.

Length? 6 feet + landing tumble but it felt like 30.
(Thu 1st Nov 2007, 20:55, More)

» Guilty Secrets

Young Lust
Back in high school, my sophomore year. A friend of mine had a stunning sister who was a year behind us. Often my thoughts were of her when I was over at his house witht he rest of the group playing DnD (yeah, I'm a geekette). I'd swim there also, as they were a bit better off and had their own pool. Well, one day his mum and he leave and say to me "kate, we're off tot he store, we'll be right back". That's like giving me the keys to the candy store.

A few minutes later I went inside, no one home but the dog and me. So straight off to his sister's room I go. Rummage. Come up with a pair of lightly scented knickers and find myself having horribly lusty thoughts about her. Well, more lusty than I was normally having. Desperate for relief, I ended up bottomless by her bed, having a relations with one of her high heeled sandals and a smile on my face afterwards. I kept her knickers and always shivered when I saw her wearing those heels after that day.
(Fri 31st Aug 2007, 17:44, More)

» Sleepwalking

Not sleep "walking"
I remember being really tired and crawling into bed, waiting for my g/f to come snuggle with me. I woke up with rememberance of some really great sex with her and cuddling afterwards. As my eyes unfuzzed, I realized that she was not home and her body pillow had done the stunt work and had worked up quite a "sweat". I've never laundered such a huge thing before, lol.
(Tue 28th Aug 2007, 21:55, More)

» I Drank Meths (pointless teenage things you did to shock)

Drama Major Rebel!!
A group of us who were the stagehands for the senior musical "Anything Goes" decided it applied to the note that the ship captain read.

I was not the one in charge of keeping said note ready to hand off.

It started off with just love notes, "Steve (name changed to protect the almost innocent) I want to make sweet love to you, feel your manhood in my love canal. See me after the show tonight. Love, Mike." We pasted in nawty pix from porn mags also.

Taking it a step further we ran out and got a condom and opened it, put a bit of shaving cream in it and taped it to the note and labeled it "Steve, tested it with your sister, it works. Use it tonight if you get lucky"

The last show we went all out and just before the note had to be handed off, Randall said "Kate, gimme your panties" which drew a lot of OMG's. Got worse when when I had to respond "I don't wear them". So he ended up using his own. hehehe

Knickerless rebels unite! yay!
(Tue 24th Jul 2007, 23:24, More)

» The Dirty Secrets of Your Trade

I do PC Repair
Yes, I'm the tech geeky girl who is working on your pc here in the shop. Yes. I am being very thorough when scanning for said viruses. I'm also scanning very thoroughly regardless of what you brought it in for. Scanning for porn. I must say, some of you think hiding it in several sub folders deep is a smart place. But honestly, it's not. If it's there, I and the guys here will find it. And we do. We've got a large share on our server where we put copies of your stuff for our own viewing pleasure. Oh and a side note to the lady lawyer who brings her laptop in every 90 days, I've not seen those type of things placed in those spots before, and judging by the outfit she was wearing, I think she brings her laptop here every 90 days. wink wink purrrrrrr If only you were a lesbian.....
(Thu 27th Sep 2007, 23:03, More)
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