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it's all on www.benzonline.com :-)

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» Job Interviews

If you you are looking for a new job you may be lucky enough to be asked to participate in a telephone interview (the new trend).

If you are really lucky you may have two telephone interviews on the same day.

If you are an absent minded f00kwit like me you may have the misfortune to forget which interview is which, confuse two totally different jobs in different industries and give highly inappropriate answers/lies to the questions asked.

TOP TIP: Know which job opportunity you are talking about and adjust your lies accordingly.
(Thu 20th Jan 2005, 10:49, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Another topical one....
Why shouldn't you wear Russian boxer shorts?

'Cos Chernobyl fall out
(Fri 9th Dec 2005, 7:32, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Was there a time when attrocities committed by terrorists were not funny??
IRA jokes

Q: What's black and skims across the water at 70 MPH?
A: Lord Mountbatten's shoe

Q: What's pink and fuffy and does'nt move?
A: Mrs Tebbit's slippers

Q: Who's the fastest reader in the world?
A: Norman Tebbit - 5 storey's in 3 seconds

topical topical
(Fri 9th Dec 2005, 7:30, More)

» Evidence that you're getting old

Where to start?
Grey pupes .... failing eyesight ...... creaking bones.
(Thu 28th Oct 2004, 23:34, More)