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I think its time for me to unleash this Woo*.

First animation 4 b3t4

I just want to alert everyone that this link..NSFA
-Changed to NSFA by Heffrey (Previously a NSFA link - not any longer)

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^i cheated im .exe
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» I Drank Meths (pointless teenage things you did to shock)

Eye Cancer.
As a young kid I would casually put dental floss on two posts on the sides of a speedbump outside my house.

Whenever a skateboarder would come by they'd get close-lined and fall down the hill, that the speedbump was suppose to protect you from.

Also whenever a car would come by i would always see them switch on their windshield wipers, and then continue to get angsty as its not a simple spiderweb or whatever they expected it to be. It was hilarious, and then soon after i got my dad involved and we would hide in the bushes and laugh when people got tangeled.

Soon after that i bought a laser pointer for the first time, my neighbor who continuously leaves her windows open was a perfect target, and my dad thought it was hilarious to shine it into her eyes when he was trying to watch TV. The Laser pointer reached down the street and into living rooms around my neighborhood people were getting hit with a light, not knowing where the fuck it would be coming from.

Then my nextdoor neighboor, and eventually my whole block, died from...

(Punchline is in Bold Above)
(Sat 21st Jul 2007, 1:00, More)