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just entering college
meh, i dunno what else. like to make up me own words. enjoy long walks on the beach and pretty ladies walking beside me... never really been to a beach at sunset.
oklahoma is the home state. though, were it up to me, ignoring the advantages of living here, id move out of this country. just an attempt to get away from these types of idiots. i mean, there are better types of idiots around, ya?
meh, ill be happy while im here. cynically happy should that exist.

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» Tales of the Unexplained

One time
I had a tough charlie-horse in my right thigh. And I was on a school bus on the way home from a band trip.
Well, during said charlie-horse, moron freshman decided to try to tickle me like a good band student.
I said through gritted teeth, "stop now" and took his hand and threw it back at him. Well, right when I threw it back he got a charlie-horse in the same place.
Cue my evil chuckle.
Freaky, eh?

Charlie-horse: slang term for muscle cramp.
(Tue 8th Jul 2008, 20:21, More)

» I witnessed a crime

This is a crime...
because it gets stuck in my head so easily.

keep clicking for more lovely things.
(Sun 17th Feb 2008, 22:32, More)

» Sleepwalking

i think i did
Well, I had this huge project for school and decided to stay up late. Well, not necessarily decided but I procrastinated as usual and ended up doing this 34 page project in one night... cool.
Anyway, in that whole span of time there is an hour for which I cannot account. I do know that i was in a different place in the house, dressed differently, and I was eating something. It was kinda weird, not going to lie.

The food was good.
(Thu 23rd Aug 2007, 2:58, More)

» Best Films Ever

A must see

made me friends watch it and they kinda just sat there before the debate over what the heck just happened started.
(Thu 17th Jul 2008, 20:41, More)

» Stalked

There was once a girl that came to school with a shirt saying,
"Marry me fisherOfApples123"
Needless to say, we are good friends now.

length? 2 years.

(this question seems off)
(Thu 31st Jan 2008, 23:17, More)
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