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» The nicest thing someone's ever done for me

My necklace...
My died died about 10years ago and my mum passed on to me his Krugerrand necklace (1oz solid fine gold coin for those who don't know). Only wear it for special occasions and occasionally when I go out.

Anyway... Because the coin is weighty, the clasp on the gold chain isn't strong enough to support the weight. Dancing on a dance floor one night, strutting my stuff under the influence, I didn't feel the chain break and the necklace and coin rolled away under the feet of others.

When I realised it was missing standing at the side of the dance floor I went into mega panic mode. I thought I had lost the one thing that when I wear, feels like my dad is standing by my side.

Not 5 minutes later, a stranger walks up - also rather well gone and just said, "I don't know why but I feel this is yours" and held out his hand with my necklace in his palm.

I have never felt such relief and it was purely by chance it happened. Bought him his drinks for the rest of the night to say thank you.

I know it's not the biggest thing in the world but to me it was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me as most could make £500+ selling it in the gold market although regardless of the monetary value, it's priceless in my eyes!

There are some nice people out there who would never dream of taking something of someone else's. I am glad I would never and always have been like that and that night I'm glad he was too!

Upgraded the chain after. Am a lot more careful of it now.

Length? About 22 inches of pure gold with an ounce of gold bullion.
(Thu 2nd Oct 2008, 21:49, More)

» Dumb things you've done

Works do
Last night. Works Christmas party. Memory goes blank at 7pm after drinking since 12. Numerous things I've been told I've done and had a good laugh at the office. All that aside, I live 30yrds from the pub we went to. I somehow caught the train home. I got on said train after forcing it to stop as I was for some reason walking alongside the tracks in the middle of nowhere! My memory comes back with me hiding in a bush hoping the driver wouldn't see me. My hands are still covered in thorns and scrapes.

Length - about 4 carriages.
(Fri 21st Dec 2007, 22:12, More)

» Guilty Laughs

Evil Laughs
I got me some new kittehs (Sooty and Sweep).....

They're guilty of so much damage but I look at their faces and can't help but smile and laugh :-)

(Thu 22nd Jul 2010, 23:17, More)

» Bizarre habits

I've spent all week wanting to reply but nearly always leave it to the night before the QOTW runs out. I have lots of bad habits...

1) locking my car and checking the door handles in multiples of 5 (usually 5 lots of 5)
2) doing things the same number of times with each body part i.e. if I knock something with my right hand, I have to with my left but it has to be with the same force, if not, I do it until it balances and if it over balances, i then correct it with my right
3) I cannot physically wear odd socks
4) I have to sleep with windows wide open all year round (except when it's raining when I can pull them in a little
5) I cannot sleep with the curtains pulled as I feel it stops the fresh air from the open windows coming in
6) at tense moments I hold my breath without realising it and it's only as I start to black out I remember to start breathing again
7a) there is lino in a corrider at work laid in 2m strips, i have to take a step with each foot (and only one step) on each segment
7b) when I reach the door and swipe through there is a 3 foot bit of carpet, then a mat, then 1ft of carpet then another door. I have to take one step with each foot on each different floor texture change
8a) I can only take a no.2 in my own home toilet (except in extreme dodgy stomach incidents)
8b) I can only do no.2's naked (except when in extreme circumstances where getting starkers in a public loo seems weird)
8c) I only (normally) go for no. 2's before a shower
9) when I lock my phone, I have to check 3 times that the keypad is definitely locked - which can even result in me locking and unlocking the keypad numerous times just to make sure
10) I have to get into bed from the same side and if I get in on the other, I have to get out on that side, run around the bed and get in from the other instead
11) if I check doors x amount of times then walk away and forget I have checked them, I have to run back and check again - the only 2 times I didn't bother thinking I'd done it, I left my car unlocked all day in a car park in Brum (everything was somehow still there!)
12) I have to follow the same morning routine or I can't wake up all day (get up, wee, coffee + check emails, shower). If I don't shower at least in the mornings, I will feel groggy all day
13) if I'm cooking, it has to all be done my way so if someone tries to help, they have to do it the way I want it done or the meal doesn't feel 'right'
14) if I 'click' something on one side of my body, the same part on the other side has to be clicked as well - made even more infuriating if a hip or knee clicks and the other side won't
15) I can't take products from the front of a shelf in the supermarket
16) I have to constantly check my phone for messages even though I know at work I get no reception and won't have any anyway but if i don't check I worry someone may have tried desperately to contact me with bad news and I may have missed the call
17) when I urinate in a public urinal and it's one of those rectangular metal trays, I have to pee completely covering whole sections (with no dry spots) or someone will die
18a) when being OCD like with foot steps, the harder I think about taking the right number of steps the more I think something bad will happen if i don't
18b) same applies as 18a but when holding breath during task, if I have to breathe in or out before I'm done, something bad will happen
19) when I drive, I have full concentration and my eyes are always on the road but when I get to my destination, I couldn't tell you anything about the drive...
20) when I turn my lights out before I go to sleep (or the last light in the house) I have to have my eyes shut, if they're open, I have to turn the light on and do it again

I think I'll stop there for now, Jesus - didn't think I had any till I started writing!
(Wed 7th Jul 2010, 23:03, More)

» Caught!

Truth or Dare Pics...
Was on my own in the front room having some recreational reading time of above site when my flatmate came down (very very hot young lady from Eastern Europe). Shut the lid of the laptop whilst chatting then she asked to see something online on youtube. Being half cut (and warning her so), I opened the screen and 'apple T'd' a new tab in Firefox which is normally instant but instead my Mac went into boot up mode and showed on full screen a nice freshly shaven haven for the best part of 30 secs... She didn't know where to look and kept saying "ohh, err, umm" in embarrassment whilst covering her eyes whilst I just said - "ooh whats that, that's not right" in an attempt to blame the Mac book...

Eventually a blank tab opened up and we chatted as if nothing happened and perused the net in a new window before she retired to bed and I carried on watching filth...

Though guess it's now even as the other week she was showing me photo's of her home town (and ex) and up popped a pic of her holding open her jeans with her hands down the front pulling the jeans away from her... rather than an 'ooh err' reaction I just leaned closer as she turned her laptop away in embarrassment...

One:all so far, waiting for the next step...

P.s. I hate Macs... Would like them more if mine wasn't so old and slow...
(Tue 8th Jun 2010, 20:27, More)
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