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I really don't know what to write here, i'm 20 21 22 23 24 years old doing a higher education course in the wonderful land of Carlisle Degree in Human Biology at the wonderful uni of Wolverhampton.

limited knowledge of all things web/computer related, so please be gentle.

as requested by Esme Weatherwax, here's 5 interesting facts about me

1) my hairs longer than girlfriends
2) i'm an intellectual cumbrian (a rarity in itself)
3) i'm on my 9th pint of vodka and coke (mixed 1 part vodka to 4 parts coke)(only applies for 11/12 oct 2007)
4) i've been drunk with Dragonforce
5) my guitar is a silvertone apocalypse (look it up)

yays, my first badge.

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» Will you go out with me?

school and beyond (it's a long one)
This story is your basic and bog standard love story, nothing compared to a few posts i've read on here, so read on if you will.

It all started when i was in school. I became friends with a couple of people on my school bus who were a few years below me. One of these people, is called K (name withheld for obvious reasons, she doesn't know i'm posting this)

As time passed we grew quite fond of each other, but at that age i was more interested in girls the same age as me and with less morals. We were good friends though, we made each other laugh on the school bus and we talked about anything and everything, it was great. After my GCSE's though, i left to go to college, i promised i would stay in touch with her. To an extent i did, but only for a month or so before my e-mail contact list was wiped (fresh start, i kept telling myself)

But... There was always a pang of guilt, some thoughts creeping in and whispering into my conscience "What if?" I thought i had lost her for good, i didn't know how to find out where/what she was doing and so, i conceeded defeat and carried on with life.

My last relationship wasn't too good, i was more work orientated and lacked motivation. People around me knew that there was something up, but they couldn't quite tell what was up. After a year and a half, we broke up. It was nasty as the trust had just gone out the relationship. So....there i was, jobless, pennyless, single and with no qualifications except Average (albeit quite high average) GCSE's and parts of a HND which i failed 3 times.

One day, i was on MSN, and i noticed a contact, Katy (not K, who this story is about), who went to my old school. I decided to strike up a conversation with her to see how life was treating her. After a while, dutch courage got the best of me and i asked the inevitable question "does K still go to school?" I was over the moon when she said yes

It was then i decided not to be a follower but this time act, seize the day and all that. I passed on my e-mail address and asked Katy, can you pass that on to K and ask if she would like to talk to me?

I waited a few days before logging on and finding out someone wants to talk to me, it was K's full name, i still remembered it. I froze, i can honestly say i froze on the spot as i tried to calm myself down. The first talk was the rockiest, we said our hello's, and "is this Jinx" etc. When it came to asking how she was, she replied "not good, my dog got put down the other day"

Some people say, you can tell how the relationship will pan out from the start. This didn't look good.

"Sod it" I thought. "Lets see what happens, if anything, we're talking, i never thought this would happen again"

And so we got chatting, she was doing her a-levels in Business, French and German while i was thinking of applying for an electricians course in my old college, thinking thats where the money is.

The more we talked, the more i realised the fondness for her was still there, only now i realised this was more than fondness, it was love. I kept the flame going for her for 4 years and it never faded completely. I was determined and eventually i told her how i felt, and expected to be blocked momentarily. But that didn't happen, instead, she told me that she fancied me too. My Flabber had been Gasted and i didn't know how to Carry on. Eventually, she told me to change my relationship status on Myspace (i'm no emo, it's good to get news from bands) to "in a relationship" to see what her friends would say. That was when we started going out.

After a while, we agreed that our anniversary was on the 14th april and it was weird as both of us couldn't believe we turned out like we did.

So...Where are we now?

Well...I told her about the electricians course, she kept drilling it into my head that i was so much more than that but i failed to see that due to a VERY low self esteem. She told me about a college course to get a-levels and go to uni. Something which i had always wanted to do.

We've been together now for, coming up, a year and 5 months. Some people on here have been with their significant other for longer than that, but this is my story and she is the only one that matters to me. She helped me change my life around, she made me promise to try the college course. I've passed and i'm now off to uni. We have never been stronger, we had a point last year where we nearly broke up, but we rode through it.

I honestly can say that i would never change a thing about the circumstances in which we met, who knows how they would have padded out otherwise. She is the one and only reason why i'm looking forward to the future rather than resigning to it.

And as i type this bleary and watery eyed with a huge smile on my face, i cannot help but think about how she's helped me
- Pushing me on a course to improve grades and life
- Welcome me into her family
- Confide in me
- Improve my confidence by an impressive amount
- Motivate me to improve my guitar playing and general skills
- Show that i'm more than what i think i am

She's the love of my life, she's my one and only and she's my soulmate.
(Tue 2nd Sep 2008, 0:43, More)

» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Just a few menial things really
Childish things i've done within the past 6 months.
- Find bodily noises funny
- Burping and belching words/phrases/song lyrics (much to my gf's disgust)
- Occasionally miming words to my housemate when he thinks his implant battery is dying.
- Keep insisting on calling my first daughter be named Jaqueline (my surname is Hyde)
- Quack at ducks, meow and cats, meow at dogs and baa at sheep. As well as give every animal that approaches me while i'm fishing a name (mainly called Steve though)
- I've adopted 2 Lobsters and called them Steve and Betty.

but the most childish thing i've ever done:
I was 20 years old and walking home from a night out with a german geezer called Seb (A bloody legend in my books) As we walked past some a very overgrown path to a field, something caught my eye. It was a little toy tractor (similar to this only more tractor shaped.) We looked at each other and smiled, It was under a lot of overgrown thorns, nettles etc and looked to be fairly weathered. So we did what 2 pissed up farts would do in this situation. We pulled the tractor from the undergrowth and started taking it in turns riding it down the hill.

Between us we forgot the 3 main problems that we faced:
1) The road was the main road from the town to the nearest villages
2) It was a saturday and a lot of taxis/other cars were on the road
3) The hill was right outside the police station.

After 10 minutes the inevitable happened and we saw a police car setting off. We decided to stop riding the tractor down the hill, but carry it instead. Sure enough Plod pulls up next to us and asks "were you lads just riding that thing right here." I look over to Seb who is trying not to burst out laughing, I turn back to Plod "Nope, wasn't us, we've just found this and walked with it." By the grace of a god Plod got another call and had to take off. Leaving me and Seb to walk back.

To get to my home village you have to climb a hill which is about 1/4 mile long and quite steep. For the next hour or so we were stood at the bottom of the hill, taking it in turns to ride the tractor down the hill, make screeching noises on the bottom corner, fall off it going at an awesome speed (looking back it's amazing limbs weren't broken/maimed) and just generally pissing about.

Eventually we got bored and as a token of good will (and because I didn't want to chuck the tractor) I offered to keep the tractor safe. I toddled back home with the tractor over my shoulder, put it in the garage, staggered into the house and then went to bed. The next morning I was woken by my dad. It must have been a helluva night as I couldn't remember anything when I woke up and had a headache which seemed that death was the easy way out.

Dad: Son, I have one question, and I want you to answer as truthfully as you can
Me : erm *thinking did I leave the door unlocked?*... go on then
Dad: Why, oh why is there a little red toy tractor parked neatly in the garage?

That was it, I was gone. Laughing like a loon and trying not to throw up. Turns out he opened the garage to get the lawnmower, but was taken aback by the toy tractor. As he left he muttered the words "not as good as my bench though" (If a QOTW is brought up about drunken parent stories, I'll explain in more detail) But for one night, the 20 year old me and the 26 year old Seb regressed to the age of 5.

Not that funny when it's written down, more of a case that you have to be there.

*edit* There was also a case where my sister phoned me, when I was driving down to Birmingham, asking why there was a traffic cone in front of the fishing trailer. But that wasn't me being childish, Was giving some people a lift home after work finished (pub) and they managed to sneak the traffic cone in before we set off. I just thought it would look better in front of the trailer. Still gets used today when sorting out the fishing trailer before and after trips.

apols for length and lack of funnies.
(Wed 23rd Sep 2009, 3:24, More)

» Karma

Not as good as what i've seen on some people's posts. But here goes.

Bully A - Beat me up in school (when the teachers were out/backs turned) now works as a binman to support his 14 year old pregnant girlfriend

Bully B - Bully of the village, got sent down for 3 years for drugs possession.

Bully C - Constantly put me and my friends down, always complained about my service in a nightclub i used to work at. Now he's unemployed with twins to a 15 year old.

Tutor A - Suspended without pay due to inquisition of bullying (after telling me that i'm failing the course, failing the college and my parents and myself as a person. Will also end up living in a box by the time i'm 25)

myself? Well, now i'm 21 doing a college course to get my grades up and hoping to start uni in september. I've got a girlfriend who was THE one that got away (with a 4 year gap of no communication) Even though my confidence has been shot, it's slowly increased and i'm more outgoing than i have been. I've got great friends, supportive family and make sure to rub it in (mentally) whenever i see the people

apologies for length etc

*edit* She's the reason i went back to college, she really has helped me these last 10 months :)
(Sat 23rd Feb 2008, 23:57, More)

» My sex misconceptions

When i was younger..
... One of my friends (who is rather slow) used to think that an Anti-Climax was a reverse Orgasm.

Old as the hills i know, but his dad was a bit of a bastard when giving him lessons in life.

On nights out we would reassure him it was all true and to this day, he still believes it.

Poor guy
(Fri 26th Sep 2008, 2:27, More)

» Beautiful Moments, Part Two

Having Just got back
from a holiday in Kenya, I have had a few beautiful moments whilst over there. Seeing Mount Kilimanjaro at sunrise and at sunset, seeing a leopard relax on a tree stump, looking out at the indian ocean whilst relaxing by the pool.

But one moment stands out in particular. On the second day of a 4 day safari, we heard from other drivers that a lioness had been found enjoying a snooze at sunset. Whilst the people in the other 14 minivans were snapping away at a sleeping, overgrown cat, I turned around and took this photo of the sunset.
(Wed 11th Aug 2010, 16:37, More)
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