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» Siblings

Eye doctor.
When I was younger, and about to go to my first ever opticians appointment, my brother decided to give me some 'advice'.

He told me that if the Optician doesn't like my eyes, he/she has a machine that will suck them out of my head.
.. It was an interesting day, that's for sure.

Edit: I was probably 5 or 6.
(Thu 25th Dec 2008, 21:39, More)

» Meeting people from the internet

Once, and it was brilliant
I was planning to study in Idaho, in America, for a while... Sadly that lasted only a few months, and my ongoing depression stuck with me around that date.

During my time at the high school, I had befriended someone who was being pushed around, which I wasn't too fond of. We had a few chats and really got along, and stayed in contact ever since (coming up to 6 years ago).
After I had left, this friend introduced me to another friend, and we started chatting online.

Funnily, despite me and this person going to the same school, we never spoke until 'after' I came back to London.
We became really good friends online, and earlier this year I went to visit them both in Washington state.

One person I hadn't met in over 5 years, and another whom I had never met until that one day.
We really hit it off, and we became even stronger friends in real life. While I haven't seen them since, we're actually quite close - and honestly speaking, it makes me that much happier knowing that despite my experience and living conditions at the time being, well, not what one would expect, some people are out there who genuinely care, and will make you feel better: whether it's coping with a death of one of the closest person in my life, to generally feeling blue.

I'm still trying to deal with my depression, though my friends and close family are really upsides to an otherwise complicated, and sad reality that I'm facing currently.
(Fri 21st Oct 2011, 2:22, More)

» Addicted

Addiction alot can relate to..
I'm a caffeine addict. Mainly coffee.
I can't get enough of the stuff.

It started a few years ago, when I started drinking Red Bull.. Started drinking just a can or so once in a while, then a can a day, then ended up buying 12-packs per week.

After I got off the energy drinks, I started drinking Coffee like crazy. I once counted 10 or so cups in a day.
I've bought a desktop Coffee maker, lovely filter Coffee. Mmm.

Not alot of people ask me why I drink it, though.
It makes me happy. Like, overly happy.
When I'm hyper on a cup of Coffee (or three) I feel like dancing to the moon and back.
It's come to the point where I'm actually far too gloomy and depressed without it. I've lowered my intake to about 4 or 5 (or 7) cups a day.. Which I don't think is too bad.
Slowly I've been trying to get off the stuff, alot of the times I've gone cold turkey (which lasts a few days at most).

I've even bought some energy enriched mints to help! I've had about 11 so far, but I feel as though they're made really weak on purpose.
(Thu 18th Dec 2008, 23:54, More)