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hmmm i want to put a picture in but i can't...... oh well you shall all have to guess how i look......But if anyone that's bothered. my facebook is here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=284101214.
but let me know who you are first otherwise i will have to deny you my friednship.

Anywho i'm a 21 year old student (soon to be actual) nurse living in liverpool.

I spend my un nursing time creating grand philosphies about the world, singing and plating guitar!!

I also tend to think i'm lot funnier then i actually am......

Thing i like:
Jumping in puddles, legwarmers, dancing (choreographed and reestyling, my hair, finding words on a roach, Reggae....

Things i don't like:
butterflies, Donkeys, Grey squirrels, being interrupted.....

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» Sleepwalking

I'm a student nurse
and i do blocks of hospital placements throughout the year. Towards the end of a placement, it starts to get into my and i find myself dreaming about patietns and hospitals.

One night during the penultimate week of my last placement, i came home from working a late shift. I was so tired i decided to just wade through the muck constitutes my bedroom floor and went to bed.

During the night i dreamt that a patient of mine was coming to visit me in my house and needed to stay in my room. In the dream i looked around my room and saw how messy it was and began o get it ready for another person to stay in there. The patient was also wheelchair bound so i began moving furniture to make room for the wheelchair. The job finsihed with me surveying my work proudly and going to sleep. No more dreams for the rest of the night.
Woke up in the morning feeling incredibly disorientated as the room was spotless and all the furniture had moved.

first post, please be nice.
(Tue 28th Aug 2007, 18:03, More)

» Pointless Experiments

Angry Chris
From the age of 11 to the age of 18 i used to go to a drama group on saturday mornings. When i was about 16 a boy called chris joined. The only way to describe him was that he looked like a potato. i've never seen a more potato ish person in my life.
But anywho that could have been overlooked if he was of normal temperment. However, chris was possibly the angriest person i've ever met. The smalled thing would send him over the edge and create a half an hour long splurge of garbled west country swearing and shouting.

After seeing him reach these fits of rage a few times, we realised the only sensible things we could do as humans beings was to see how many time we could subtely touch him before he killed someone.

so the games began......

Some one sitting next to him would lighty brush against his arm, or we would bump into him when walking past him. The rules of the experiment dictated that we couldn't acknowledge that we touched him or apologise as poor manners we're likely to be the cherry on the cake of course.

And good for him, he lasted a good month before going mental and pinning some poor boy up against the wall by his throat.

What i learned from this experiment: never anger a potato.
(Thu 24th Jul 2008, 21:55, More)

» Guilty Secrets

I don't really have many secrets
As i'm one of those really stupid people who tells everybody everything due to my uncontrollable urge to speak through a silence.

So i thought i'd tell one which the least people know. In my first year at uni when i lived in halls, me and two of my nursing friends decided to have a sumber party in my room. We all settled on my bed to watch labyrinth. About half way through the film i fell asleep and had a sex dream. But not about the delectable David Bowie but about Hoggle, the littl knoberly goblin.
What that says about my mind i really hate to think.
(Fri 31st Aug 2007, 20:30, More)

» Blood

Another joyful A&E tale......
Mr Q was brought in from a nursing home because he was passing arge amounts of blood into is catheter and no one could tell why. So the wise docs decided the best course of action would be to remove the catheter and put a new one in.

So we got all set up and started to take it out. As we were pulling on it, one of the doctors noticed that his japs eye was split all the way across.
"aye lad. Tis always been like that".
So we continue.

As the tip of the catheter passes out of his japs eye, his penis splits down the middle to leave his urethra standing alone. The two halves of his penis begin squirting blood on all members of the medical team. Queue all members of the medical running around like headless chickens while student nurse is left holding the penis together while trying to make small talk.

Length: couldn't sew it back together, so now its just a hole.
(Mon 11th Aug 2008, 15:30, More)

» Pointless Experiments

my chemistry teacher
was a legend and a half. Not much actual a level prep was done during our lessons with him, we would just build volcanoes and pour Hcl on jelly babies... you know the fun bits of chemistry.
Anywho one day we were actually doing something from the syllabus about the structure of alcohol or something, and he shared with us an experiment he undertook during his early days of teaching.

Being a very enthusiastic chemist, he took that as an excuse to brew his own booze. Not just his own beer, but spirits.
He used to create concoctions of various different strengths from about 2% to about 90% and everything in between.
So one day he decided to test how strong the alcohol percentage had to be before the alcohol over powered the taste of the spirit.
so he set up all his shots and began drinking.

Conclusion: Ha ahs no idea as he only remembers getting as far as 20% and then the rest is a foggy darkness until his woke up in hospital with acute alcohol poisoning.
(Tue 29th Jul 2008, 8:24, More)
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