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» Voyeurism

not really voyerism but along the same line
In my mid teens i owed quite a few people a fair bit of money.
Anyways long story short to clear this debt a group of my mates said they would clear my debt, give me a score and an 8th of the finest hash romfords ever seen if i was to perfom a simple demeaning dare.
So i walk into threshers picked up a bottle of wine took it to the till and as expected.
"Got any id mate?"
Flopped my dick on the table and went "hows that for id?!"
Im still banned from that off licence to this day, 5 years later.

Length? Well it made your little sister choke.
(Wed 17th Oct 2007, 12:07, More)

» Conned

12' o clock....
...Every friday i wait for the newsletter, just to make my dreary day at wor ka bit better.

When does it come?

normally 2 to 3 minutes after ive started to walk home.
(Thu 18th Oct 2007, 14:34, More)

» Shoplifting

I regularly steal....

Simple method, dont grab a basket, pick up the rest of your shopping by hand, then when youve run out of arm space put a few sachets of catfood in your pocket and proceed to the checkout without paying.

I wouldnt mind paying, but the little bastard just chills out in the house all day, doesent look for a job or anything. Lazy bastard.
(Fri 11th Jan 2008, 8:52, More)

» Conned

2 Fellas in romford
Theres these two blokes in Romford. Both ofthem complete fuck tards but i have more respect for the latter.
One of ems a white fella who comes round telling people hes just had a massive row with his bird and needs a pound to get home. He done this every day to every table in the pub. Once he done it 3 days in a row so i said to him "Look fella u asked me yesterday and the day before, you need to get yourself a new girlfriend." And promtly he left.

The other bloke how ever is a bit more of a legend. Hes black, has no hair apart from a perfectly shaved square on the back of his head. He'll go round asking you for a pound so he can get home, but he'll say to you; "look mate u couldnt spare a pound so i can get home can ya? I dont expect for you to give me it for nothing so ill show you something amazing." Then he would get down on his knees and do a head stand, sometimes he would spin, depending on how much he needed the money. Always got results tho.

Gotta love skag heads.
(Fri 19th Oct 2007, 8:31, More)

» Cheap Tat

my pal bought a load of condoms from the 99p store as stocking fillers one christmas....
never again...

3 friends 3 morning after pills.
(Fri 4th Jan 2008, 16:36, More)
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