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(Mon 24th Nov 2014, 17:18, More)

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» B3TA fixes the world

Call Centres abroad.
WHY oh WHY oh why do call centres have to be situated in places where English customs and language are bastardised. The near comical accents and bizarre sentence formations are enough to make the blood boil. You often have to repeat even simple phrases over and over again just to ensure comprehension by the other person. Be warned companies of England, if you keep relocating valuable customer services to call centres in Scotland we will simply up and move.
(Tue 27th Sep 2011, 17:12, More)


Not the Cornetto.
It was 1984 and I lived with my grandparents in Urmston just outside Manchester. The only activity there was the local swimming pool with its soup of plasters, bits of old floats and toe scrapings. My brother, our mate Gerrard and I had been for our weekly splashabout and departed homewards. We were being followed.
As a treat we all bought Cornettos, the god of ice creams in the day. We were young, spirited and about to partake in creamy, nutty, cone goodness. A boy and his 'gang' of two 7 year olds had different plans. First he tried to trip me up, I laughed and we all walked faster. Then he grabbed my coat and tried to pull me over, I remained on my feet with my heart racing. Then he knocked my Cornetto out of my hands.... That was it, I grabbed his hand and bent his finger round. He tried to push me off but I had a firm grip of his middle finger. My brother, Gerrard and his crew stood and watched as I grappled with my assailant's finger. Then he tried to get me in a headlock but I was too quick and pushed his arm away and grabbed his head. Holding it under one arm I gave his forehead an almighty slap....
He started crying so I released him and apologised. Our crews departed, each to our own homes with the fight fresh in our minds we wondered how society could have gotten so bad as to allow today's events to have taken place.
(Sun 17th Mar 2013, 16:43, More)

» Letters they'll never read

Dear makers of milkshake.

You have just made the last 4 minutes of my life very enjoyable with your banana/milk combination.

Kindest thanks

(Sat 6th Mar 2010, 19:52, More)

» Political Correctness Gone Mad

PC vs Equality
Political Correctness and Equality are two separate issues.

Equality is about offering the same life choices to anyone irrespective of their race, gender, ability or faith.

Political Correctness is a sickening blight on art, music, literature, lifestyles etc that demands you pander to the chosen offence of every minority imaginable by the order of the white liberal 'superior.

Equality is a good thing, PC is a nonce-bumming monstrosity suitable only for jam-woggy spackophiles.
(Sat 24th Nov 2007, 11:19, More)

» Political Correctness Gone Mad

PC Thugs
I hate political correctness so much I have now purposely started using words such as queer, nonce, nig-nog, pikey, chav, spacker, paddy, fag just to piss off white lefty PC f*cktards.

I have no hatred for any race, gender or class other than white liberal-lefty PC twonks.
(Thu 22nd Nov 2007, 19:11, More)
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