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...if you're desperately bored you could look at my webshite: zizzer.org

Here be me and a friend rendered in fabulous pixels by mictoboy

This is care of Rapitinui :)

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Best answers to questions:

» Dad Jokes

Every time I travel on the tube
with my dad, I have to hope that there aren't any Chinese/Japanese tourists in the carriage, because the moment he sees any he thinks it's hilarious to 'whisper' "SAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRSSSSS" (SARS) in the loudest voice possible, until I tell him to shut up.
To be fair, it's usually quite funny the first time he does it, but after that people tend to notice and it gets very embarrassing.
(Thu 11th Dec 2003, 15:16, More)

» Slang Survey

Two pikey girls were sitting
opposite me on the train a couple of weeks ago.
One was using the others mobile phone to talk to someone who she named loudly as "Ice Man". Pffft.
She seemed to want to meet up with him and kept saying: "So, you linkin' me?"
Then after a bit more chat with the 'Ice Man' she said: "Nah I can't talk much long-ga, this is my brethren's phone"
After I'd tried to stifle my laughter for a bit, her friend started getting irate because her phone credit was being used up.
She then told her mate on the phone to "Lock off"
Bloody pikeys.
(Mon 2nd Feb 2004, 21:00, More)