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Jippy VS The Hulk!


Original here...
(Sun 7th Sep 2003, 12:43, More)

Elephants love Christmas

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(Mon 16th Dec 2002, 14:38, More)

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» School Sports Day

It was awesome...
They had this underwater viewing room at my local pool. You could sit in this room, and watch everyone swim around, pull faces, touch the bottom... heaps of fun.

I forgot my bathers/swimmers that day, and the teachers made me swim in my undies. Turns out that white underwear goes see through when wet, and all my 14 year old class mates had front row seats.

The water was cold too :(
(Fri 31st Mar 2006, 2:36, More)

» My Wanking Disasters

Tooth paste is not a lubricant...
You have to trust me on that one...
(Wed 2nd Jun 2004, 23:35, More)

» Shit Stories

I love those shits...
... where you just do the most anal tight fart that echo's through out the bowl before unleashing this high pressured slop, that completely paints the dunny while being interrupted by compressed pockets of fart that rupture the sloshy turd during the whole experience....

More fun in the office toilets, while whispering "sweet jesus".
(Thu 6th May 2004, 14:28, More)

» Out of my depth

Let's see...
LMAO... I did yoga for 7 months.

Stupid bitch.
(Sat 16th Oct 2004, 14:21, More)

» Shoddy Presents

For Christmas...
From my Aunty,

I was given a key ring chain for my car keys... I didn't own a car at the time.

BUT, My sister. She was given some diposable toilet seat covers...

Who the fuck gives disposable toilet seat covers for christmas?
(Fri 24th Sep 2004, 2:58, More)
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