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Welcome To Boot

My TwitterMate Audrey did this :

If you send her your picture, you too can Be Part Of Art (I made that slogan - good, innit!). All the details here
Tell her OPBoot sent you :-)

Hahaha... RoomProject did this, and I think it's great!

If you ask him nicely he'll probably not curse you as much as he cursed me....

fun things are:

Webby's gone. Moved house, and tha interwebs' a different place now than it was 8 years ago.... Maybe it's time to do something with it?

And this....
is me (or at least, as I was..)

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Alright, Droogs?

/me delurks....

Click for biggie
(Sat 28th Sep 2002, 18:41, More)

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» Training courses, seminars and conferences

I've just finished
Giving a 4 hour course to 10 people

over the phone

with them all on mute

where at least 4 of them knew at least as much as I do about the subject

and they only had to do it, so they could be 'official' partners of ours


please kill me now
(Wed 21st Mar 2012, 0:23, More)

» Getting Old

I looked at my b3ta profile...

(Fri 8th Jun 2012, 20:14, More)

» Bizarre habits

I've just spent
about an hour and a half reading all ten pages (so far) of this QOTW.

I recognise far too many of them in myself, and while many of them are just habits rather than true disorders, I now feel very sorry for my ex-wife :-(

The only one I can think of that no-one has yet mentioned is this:
Unloading the shopping trolley onto the conveyor belt and loading it into bags at the other end MUST be accompanied by a short rythmic refrain sung softly and repetitively, and the loading/unloading must be done in time to it.

Until the ex or the checkout girl look at you in that "I'm scared" way....

And knives which point down in the dishwasher are Wrong.
(Sat 3rd Jul 2010, 11:15, More)

» Good Advice

use the right tool for the job...

(Mon 24th May 2010, 11:26, More)