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Hi all,
Ok, so I'm not so new to this anymore, but I *still* love it!

Email: brian AT pemberton DOT me DOT uk

Personal Stuff
Age: Unimportant (old)
Weight: Unimportant (Fat)
Height: 6'3"
Married: Yes
Children: Far too many ;o)

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Surprising Science

(Fri 27th Feb 2004, 10:07, More)

It's not all Eucalyptus, you know

There's also ... Jazz.

EDIT: Woo FP! Thanks :o)
(Wed 27th Aug 2003, 9:45, More)

They'd have the same problems as us, you know

Clicky Biggerer

(Fri 13th Jun 2003, 19:39, More)

The mating frenzy over...

... they lie, too exhausted even to move.
(Thu 27th Feb 2003, 9:50, More)

Action was needed
to reduce crime in the Animal Kingdom.

(Mon 27th Jan 2003, 9:37, More)

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