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» Nightclubs

Cleaning up after student nights at a nightclub is not fun. Take my word for it.

I was naive: I expected when I began that the gents'd be worse than the ladies' - I thought this for all kinds of reasons. Some were anatomical, of course; some were simply that I expected male students to be loutier. (Is that a word?)

I was wrong.

The gents' was grim, but the ladies' was horrible. For some reason, the smell wouldn't go away, even though I'd mopped just about everywhere. I shrugged, picked up the bucket, and was leaving when something caught my eye. A poster on the wall was beginning to detatch itself.

It was amazing it had lasted that long. It was held on by sick.
(Tue 14th Apr 2009, 12:10, More)

» My sex misconceptions

I may have mentioned this before, but I was led to believe that university would be a time of almost endless sex. In actual fact, the only reason my sheets got damp was because of actual damp.

(Mon 29th Sep 2008, 11:25, More)

» Nightclubs

Happy punter.
It was the end of the night. He was sitting on the kerb outside the club, looking much the worse for wear and about to be hit by a taxi.

"You all right, mate?" I asked.
He grinned.
"Yeah. I'm walking on strawberries. But it's OK. I've got my happy Tuesday shoes on..."
(Wed 15th Apr 2009, 11:03, More)

» My Saviour

Slightly tenuous, and more than likely going to attract a stream of bile from the regular moaners, but here goes.
I have a problem at work.

He's a guy who has the office a little way down the corridor, and with whom I've worked on a number of projects. And he's a chaotic alcoholic.

When he's on form, he's great; he's very likeable. But for the last couple of years, he's really not been on form at all: there's been the odd good day, but nothing more than that.

People who've been here longer than I say that he's been a drunk for many years; I've known him since I came here in 2006, and I'm beginning to wonder if I've ever seen him sober. Recently, though, he's been much worse than anyone can remember.

Not only is he destroying himself; he's wrecking everything he touches as he goes. He's not doing his job; he's alienating clients; he's alienating all the rest of the staff. He's already demolished his family.

We've been covering for him for a long time, because he's not well, and because of a residual, but fading, memory of him being one of the good guys. (The upper management is staffed by vampires. None of us wants to give them the satisfaction of sacking him, because we hate them more than we're troubled by our dypso colleague.)

I know that to stop drinking suddenly can be dangerous; and I've therefore found myself praying that he has a minor heart attack or something - not bad enough to cause long-term harm, but bad enough to put him in hospital for a few days, so that he can be away from booze under medical supervision.

I hate thinking this way.

I know some people here have written about their battles with the bottle; and so I'm asking - at risk of sounding like I have a Messiah complex - Is there any way any of us can intervene to save him from himself (and the rest of us from him)?

Or should I just look for a job somewhere else and forget him, leaving him to pickle?
(Fri 10th May 2013, 10:32, More)

» Unexpected Nudity

It wasn't what I was looking for
I honestly can't remember what I was looking for, but it wasn't this.

Like many or most adults, I don't didn't bother with the prudery filter on Google. On this occasion, though, all I wanted was a picture of something innocent. I typed in some hopeful looking words, and got some interesting results.

I clicked through a couple to see if the sites were useful.

One result was so spectacularly misjudged that I still feel a bit ill thinking about it.

Because, you see, though I can't remember my sister-in-law's mother's name, I do now have an image of her genitalia that I can't forget.

I turned the safe search on.
(Thu 28th May 2009, 14:42, More)
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