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Move on...fadge monkey!

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» PE Lessons

I remember telling several schoolmates that the PE teacher had come up with a new activity. It was called Twonking and was very popular in Scotland. It consisted of basically every boy having one arm tied behind his back and on the other hand a boxing glove. The pupils were made to wear scuba flippers also. The pupils would each take a spot in the gym hall approx 5m apart and when the lights were flicked out you had to flail around in the dark in an attempt to knockout your opponent. The flippers were just an aid to hear any approaching foe. Last man standing won. Most people didn’t believe me, but I made fatty Chris Pybuss cry.
(Wed 25th Nov 2009, 11:01, More)

» Controversial Beliefs

Arbeit macht frei.
Work set's you free.
(Sun 28th Apr 2013, 21:10, More)

» I don't understand the attraction

Local radio
Plagued with shit adverts for carpets and conservatories. Twatish DJ's who fail to amuse with their tawdry and vacuous spoutings. One of my local stations is radio Aire in Leeds. Past homes to Chris Moyles and James Whale.

Say No More!

P.S when I was about 15 a friend and I rang James Whale up live on radio and called him a bald bastard. He called us children and hung up. Damn him, we were teenagers (how insulting.)
(Tue 20th Oct 2009, 12:53, More)

» Self-Inflicted injuries

Seeing Stars
Ran down some outdoor market stall pitches at night (pissed). Failed to stop at the truss beam in the middle and knocked myself out. Remember seeing stars (like in the cartoons). Forehead in the morning developed a lump the size of a yam.
(Thu 28th Nov 2013, 19:53, More)

» Exposed!

Whilst at Uni on a Skol 1080 promotion night (In't Union bar), my mate spiked me with a green microdot. After attacking a flatmate and pulling him by the dreads down a corridor. I then dropped my trousers and clouts and pressed myself, from behind against a guy playing pinball. He left quickly with his mate. I then took in on myself after much encouragement to sit on a joystick on one of the arcade games. Things got worse after this, but clothed.
(Wed 14th Aug 2013, 22:43, More)
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