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well i'm Male, 29, single, and living near Manchester. Anything else, please ask. :)

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» Tightwads

look after the pennies...
so the saying goes, and the pounds will look after themselves.

a few years ago, i get fed up of carrying loads of coins around, so i decided only to carry pound coins around, and to keep a stash of everything else, which i'd unload from my pockets every evening once home. as you're still carrying around pound coins, you really don't notice the missing few coppers etc.

at the end of the year, i decided to put the results towards xmas pressies, and was pretty damn surprised to find i'd squirrelled away nearly £100! nicely paying for most of my xmas that year. :)

i still do it, and although i mostly pay for things by debit card now, i still reckon i've saved about £50 this year, which will help :)

try it, you'll be amazed how much you save, and how little you'll miss those coins.

woo 1st post! :) apologies for length.
(Tue 28th Oct 2008, 20:25, More)

» I didn't do it

I have absolutely never...
...driven a car at 120mph on a motorway. And I certainly didn't do it again in a different car on a different motorway.
(Fri 16th Sep 2011, 21:58, More)

» Cringe!

The obvious one, but sadly true...
a few years back, i had some stuff to clear out of my house, and had also bought some stuff ridiculously cheap from stores that were closing down etc. Now as this was before the onset of ebay as an online leviathon, i did quite a few car boot sales to get rid of the stuff. Was making a nice little sum every other weekend.

So one weekend my parents decided that they had some stuff to clear out too, so they came with me. All was going swimmingly until a rather portly lass with her guy came round looking, and got talking to my parents. as it was summer, they were dressed in suitable attire, and the girls stomach was bulging out under her top. Obviously not preggers, as the belly button area wasn't at all stretched.

So what did my dear old dad come out and say? 'So when are you due then?'

Cue mortification from my mum and me (i pretended i wasn't actually with them). Of all the cliched things to say....

luckily, they sortof saw the funny side...
(Sun 30th Nov 2008, 19:05, More)