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» I don't understand the attraction

i can't sleep now, it's fucked, now i'm understanding people who get fucked.... honestly now i'd say... put me to sleep. i never before understood being put cold to sleep. i envy you all....

kill me, or at the very least, just put me to sleep

the continued awake now has started to hurt... just help me a wee bit... sleep is good and nice and gentile... share it....
(Fri 16th Oct 2009, 4:19, More)

» Thrown away: The stuff you loved and lost.

I was first after all! :)

What have I lost every mobile phone i've ever had (about 50 so far) And i loved every one of them :(

-edit- When I went to uni my mother decided i didn't want everything i didn't take with me, threw the lot out and turned my room into an office
(Thu 14th Aug 2008, 16:38, More)

» Pet Peeves

Being touched
Ok, my pet peeve isn't exactly getting touched. I'm a wee bit on the shorter side or tall. (Not quite five foot) and people somehow have taken this as a sign that somehow I won't get annoyed If they jokingly pat me on the head or rest their elbows on it. (generally these days I take that as a sign that they won't in return get mad if I return that with a swift elbow to the ribs)No You cannot erst your pint there. Unless when you say that you really mean spend an evening in casualty after I've smashed it into your face

I don't actually like it when people try to lift me up. Its not cute. Or funny. I will bite.

Actually short jokes in general, or having to pre-empt people and make them myself. I'm not a fucking midget -3 inches too tall actually. The weather is not different down here and if I need something high up I'll get one of you lanky gits to fetch it. I swear to god if one more person asks if I'm going to kick them in the shins I'll kneecap them. Clearly I've noticed that I'm short so please don't point it out to me again. I'm an angry little woman at the best of times. Don't make it worse...
(Thu 8th May 2008, 12:00, More)

» When Animals Attack

Giant Killer Seagulls
A few years ago, back in my student days I lived in the Granite city. (Aberdeen for anyone not from there, who hasn't been duped by a false sence of civic pride into calling it that)

For those of you that don't know Aberdeen its a wee city right on the north sea coast and the seagulls there grow disproportionatly large. Like a medium sized dog, or a very big tall fat cat.

To someone of my small stature (under 5ft) That is Very Very large indeed.

One day, walking down the street towards my union bar I was in a slightly hungover state, feeling a teeny bit delicate and just a smidgeon sorry for myself, I stopped along the way to get myself a sandwhich, hoping this would sooth my hungover self.

I had just opened my tasty treat when... WHACK! Out of no-where I was forcibly pushed to the ground and held there. Surely I cant be getting mugged I thought... Its broad daylight, I'm clearly a student, and therefore have nothing of worth to steal!

I turned slowly... to get a glimps of my assailant, just in time to see the biggest seagull I had ever spotted jump off my shoulder, grab my tuna sandwich and waddle off down the street...
(Fri 25th Apr 2008, 11:45, More)

» Phobias

First post!
Wasps and bees. Its an all encompassing fear. I can't be in the same room as one, and will run, screaming, arms flailing should one fly within ten yards of me. I can't kill them either, since then I'd have to get closer to them and they might get me! -i've never been stung either, yet they inspire the kind of panic where you're hard starts palpatating, your palms are sweaty, you shake uncontrollably.

Thats the normal one. The one people don't really react to.

I'm also terrified of swings. The ones you get in play parks. Not so bad now, but as a child i couldn't even look at them without getting sick.
And scary films. Cant watch em. Again, if one is on I'll have to leave the room. And not even very scary ones. Any film might make me jump makes me pretty uncomfortable, in a hiding behind the sofa kind of way. I'm afraid that somehow the baddies will come out of the tv and get me...
(Wed 16th Apr 2008, 14:48, More)
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