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... the sky is falling! The sky is falling!

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» Beautiful Moments, Part Two

When I lived in Greenwich
A fair few moons ago now, my husband-to-be and I staggered from a pub near the Cutty Sark and I noticed a young man walk past me with a cone of chips that smelled wonderful.

In an overly loud 'whisper' I said to hubby "Ooooooh, he's got chips!!".

The young man turned around and said with a cheeky grin "Yes, yes I have. Would you like one?".

Best. Chips. Ever.
(Fri 6th Aug 2010, 12:14, More)

» Breasts

My ex
swore blind it was called a Sophie Tit Wank.
(Mon 10th May 2010, 22:16, More)

» Meeting people from the internet

Dunno where to start really.

I think most of my good friends are online ones these days. Back in the days of the Channel 4 forums I met my (now) husband, my best friend and some other really good friends, who are also now either married or living together, came to our wedding etc.

Since I've been a bit poorly I've made tons of good friends through health forums (you learn to dodge the nutters) and these are people I am in close contact with every day, have met up with a few of them and planning on meeting more in the future.

I have a lot to thank the interwebs for really *wells up* I don't make friends very easily in 'real life', I am too guarded and it takes me a long time to trust people but I feel like you can get a lot more out of them via emails and messengers and really get to know the person well.

I knew I wanted to marry my husband after reading a few of his posts, seeing that his sense of humour was the same as mine and that we just clicked. Naaaww!
(Wed 26th Oct 2011, 11:42, More)

» Unusual talents

I can make my eyes vibrate
Freaks my husband out a treat :)
I've got hypermobility so I am super bendy and can turn my arms 360 degrees while keeping my hand on a flat surface and bend the top sections of my fingers over.
I can also hum and whistle at the same time.
(Thu 18th Nov 2010, 21:52, More)

» Redundant technology

I still whip out my original GameBoy
To play Tetris until my eyes bleed and you just can't beat it. That thrill when the little men come out and play the theme tune *shivers*

I also regularly use my two knitting machines that are older than I am but that's another story.
(Thu 4th Nov 2010, 22:24, More)
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