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I'm Will and I'm 23. I like playing/teaching guitar and coaching football. The teaching and coaching is all down to my wish I was famous.

I'm a black country boy (Near Birmingham if you think that has some kind of hidden meaning) but I'm moving to Guildford in September for some education goodness.

I like to pretend I'm ripped but in reality I'm skinny and it's not a six pack, it's my ribs.

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» Hypocrisy

Fat fucking barman!
While out one night in Guildford, I was most definitely refreshed. Refreshed as a newt some might say!

I sway my way to the bar and ask the rather portly barman for another pint of his finest cider and if that is unavailable then Strongbow will do!

He looks at me and says in his sternest voice

"I'm sorry sir but I think you've had enough already!"

I am refused service, I accept this and leave the bar, go home and sleep content that I have had a good night and no harm came to anyone in my vicinity!

Not two weeks later the roles are reversed!

He goes absolutely mental, threatening me, screaming at my manager that he wants me sacked!

But in his defence I do work in Burger King!
(Sun 22nd Feb 2009, 0:40, More)

» Food sex

I used to go out with a Chinese girl.
One night I asked her if she fancied a 69. She went

"Fuck off I'm not cooking at this time of night!"
(Fri 7th Aug 2009, 2:21, More)

» Bullies

What ya gonna do brother?
I'm walking to work the other day when three lads are walking towards me on the same side of the road.

Two are dressed in a not too stand out kind of way while the third is dressed in a shirtless shirt, shorts and a bandanna. He also has long blonde hair.

As I get close the stand out guy says to me

"Oi mate, don't you know the rocker look went out of fashion five years ago?"

I look up and with a raised eyebrow reply

"I'm sorry but I'm not going to take fashion tips from a man wearing Hulk Hogan's cast offs!"

With that I continued walking happy to hear the cacophony of giggles from his friends.

Does that make me the bully or him?
(Sun 17th May 2009, 23:42, More)

» My most gullible moment

Being sent to the butchers.........
for some chicken lips, who said

"certainly just go to the greengrocers and get me a glass hammer would you?"

The Greengrocer said

"No problem laddie, just go down to the flower man and get me some sky hooks"

The flower man asked me to go the the fishmonger

"Just get me a long weight and they're all yours"

So off I go to the fish monger, after two hours he brings me out my long weight, back to the flower man who hands me my sky hooks. Off to the Greengrocer I go sky hooks in hand and I come away with my glass hammer, back to the butchers and I finally get my grubby little hands on some chicken lips.

Walking away I hear the unmistakable sound of breaking glass and a loud "dickdribbles"

"Heh, he should have used skyhooks" I mutter to myself.
(Thu 21st Aug 2008, 22:13, More)

» PE Lessons

My favourite netball moment ever
Walking to the football pitch for my own PE lesson we walked past the girls playing netball. The teacher on the side of the pitch giving out instructions and getting louder and more excited as the game progressed. At the crescendo of this the teacher screamed out

"Heather, tight snatch"

How the fuck did she know her nickname?
(Wed 25th Nov 2009, 2:15, More)
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