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» Made me laugh

Oft brings a chuckle to myself...
A mate of mine was walking home with his girlfriend one eve when a car slowly drove past. Someone held out a traffic cone and shouted "Don't shag her! She floats like a walrus on Guiness".
(Thu 6th Dec 2012, 20:34, More)

» Morning After Souvenirs

Visiting the Sister down london
She'd moved there when she was 20 for a job. I remember she had a nice little flat share somewhere. We'd been out on the lash as you do and decided to head back to the flat to partake in some wild turkey drinking games. Lot's of alcohol and a lost memory or two later I recall waking up on my Sisters bedroom floor wearing a pair of womens trousers and clutching a bottle of peach schnapps (we had no peach schnapps that night and the trousers didn't belong to my Sister either!)

I left and headed home on the train only to receive a phone call from my Sister. She began to tell me that, in a inebriated state, I'd charged into her flatmates room whilst she was in bed with her boyfriend, and proceeded to put her trousers on and go straight for the peach schnapps sitting on the dressing table. Her shocked flatmate asked what I was doing to which I proclaimed "It's okay I found some trousers" and left. I think most of that night was also spent in the bath covered in my own vomit.

Good times
(Fri 27th Apr 2012, 9:59, More)

» Sporting Woe

Infants school sports day
I remember it well

My family came to watch

I was selected for the special obstacle course

It was called special because the "athletes" were special*

(Thu 19th Apr 2012, 14:10, More)

» Why will you burn in hell?

I done this to my mums garden table
(Sun 15th Jul 2012, 15:25, More)

» Hoarding

Un-intentionally hoarding kettle plugs
I don't hoard them on purpose, they seem to "find" me. I play in a band and after each gig there seems to be more and more kettle plugs in my bag. It's like they're breeding or something. I sometimes use them to power my various franken-pc's I have built from hoarded parts, but the plug to pc ratio increases exponentially.
(Sat 5th May 2012, 14:58, More)
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