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» War

My guilty pleasure
is answering QOTW questions 373 weeks late
(Thu 31st May 2012, 16:06, More)

» Common

Stretch limos...
...especially white ones - pink ones? even worse;

"sports" instead of "sport" - it's ok when talking about two or more specific sports but sport as an entity is sport not sports. BSkyB please take note, this is not america;

People who report a conversation as "he turned round to me and said..." So, he was facing away from you to begin with was he?

Incorrect use of the word "them" - e.g. "pass me them scissors" instead of pass me those scissors"

"off of" e.g. "get off of that chair" instead of get off that chair"
(Mon 20th Oct 2008, 12:31, More)

» Bullshit and Bullshitters

There's a guy
works down the chipshop, swears he's Elvis.

But he's a liar, and I'm not sure about you
(Thu 13th Jan 2011, 13:59, More)

» Creepy!

Spooky birthday balloon
A few weeks ago it would have been our daughter's first birthday - she was still born last year. On her birthday we had decorated her grave with various foil helium balloons and birthday cards. Last weekend we removed all this, and a couple of the balloons still had just enough helium in them to float to the ceiling once we took them home. One of these had a large "1" on it, and we went to bed Saturday night leaving it floating against the ceiling in the corner of the living room.

In the morning, we found it on the floor in the doorway to the bathroom, with just enough helium to stand upright. The bathroom is upstairs, and to get to there the balloon would have had to go through several rooms, under two doorways, and make five or six turns and changes of direction, as well as negotiate the stairs. I just can't see how air currents could have caused this, and this all occurred before the heating came on in the morning.

No-one even got up in the night, let alone went downstairs. I know it wasn't me, and if it had been my wife she would have confessed by now.

This has completely changed my hitherto scepticism about all things supernatural, weird and paranormal.
(Fri 8th Apr 2011, 12:11, More)

» B3TA fixes the world

Solitary confinement
in prison to be the norm, not a punishment. This would stop prisons becoming "universities of crime", and would stop bullying and brutalising of weaker and meek prisoners by stronger ones, as well as the culture of drugs and theft. It would virtually eliminate the risk of riots. There does not need to be complete isolation, just no contact with fellow prisoners - inmates would still have contact with warders, probation officers, chaplains etc. Work and exercise would still be possible, but in isolation. Punishments/incentives for bad/good behaviour would consist of adjustment to the nature of work undertaken and the degree of comfort and possessions permitted in cells. It would be a lot easier to prevent contraband such as drugs and mobile phones from circulation. Also, increased CCTV to prevent corrupt staff from passing contraband.
(Fri 23rd Sep 2011, 15:38, More)
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