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Lives in the land of dark satanic mills

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» Spoilt Brats

Spoilt - moi?
According to my sister, Yes!

as the youngest of three - I apparently got everything, for example; "allowed" to go to the pub at 14 ( I was a regular at 11...)

The more serious allegation is that my parents helped substantially buy my first house (for me and my very pregnant girlfriend - now MrsRabbit) whilst she was earning 3,4 5,6 times what we were and her husband several times what she did...

Me and MrsRabbit got married, a 35 quid job at the registry office, between breast-feeds, with a party afterwards at our house. My parents paid for the booze - a baby bath full of ice with bottles of wine and Champers in it... and we did the buffet. Rabbit's sister's dress cost more than our *entire* wedding did.

However, the reason Rabbit's sister doesn't speak to Rabbit is because "Rabbit has it easy"........

Rabbit and Mrs Rabbit graft (like cunted fucks) to keep Rabbit minors fed and clothed - to the point that we have had to choose between paying food over gas over mortgage. whilst sister-of-rabbit twitters in Twickenham and we have it easy?

Length? Mrs Rabbit is spoilt!
(Thu 9th Oct 2008, 20:37, More)

» Mums

bindun surely
Dear Jocasta,

You are the best mum ever!

Love you loads

Oedipus xx
(Tue 16th Feb 2010, 8:04, More)

» Famous people I hate

Geoffrey Boycott
God's greatest living Yorkshireman - living in the south of France.

I wish God would just take him back.

He was awarded the boring-est batsman award for 3 consecutive years*

He is (allegedly**) a women beating cnut

And the spouter of the most inane crap ever on TMS.

* Award has not yet been inaugurated
** I can't remember if he was convicted or not.
(Tue 9th Feb 2010, 7:18, More)