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Extremely likeable unlovable. Polecat owner. MX Rider. Love a good laugh.

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» Presents

I got these for these;
GF - you got a scarf and some driving gloves
mum - you got a scarf, new dog lead, 3000 piece pzzle
thom - you got a scarf, new top notch fleece
el - you got left for dead 2
ferrets - you're gonna get some of the roast duck i'm gonna cook and a new play tube
dad - the new clarkson duel dvd
jamie - your a horrible git so i've used your Amazon to order some big black cocks to your house and deleted the confirmation emails from your yahoo, die.
(Wed 2nd Dec 2009, 9:51, More)

» Asking people out

bang bang
13 pints later I walked into the underground bar. I milled around the bar for a while moping on missed oppertunity. I quaffed a 14th pint and spyed a beautiful girl who looked a little lonely. She had stunning figure and a face that looked so angelic. Tho She really was no angel haha.

I thought .oO(Sod this, I'm going for it slap or no slap). So i went over and asked who she was with and where they were. She was with a few ppl that were on the dance floor. Then I randomly said 'ENOUGH CHIT CHAT!' Leant in and pulled.

Twas a good night. 1 Bus later we were at mine, falling about, and then... the bedroom where we f**ked wildly until we broke some planks supporting the matress. Ah that was funny.

(Mon 14th Dec 2009, 13:45, More)

» Sexual fetishes

Messy saucy sex in liquid chocolate or sauce, not interested in penetration here just the foreplay.
SNM is good but it can't be stupid un natural like (god does that even make sense?)
But I find the thing that really gets me going is saddist actions to chavs, pikeys, bullies, idiots and genuinly evil police officers. that'll get the blood flowing. then all i need is a half naked g/f dressed in motox gear and i'll be tearing clothes off with me teeth.
(Sat 24th Oct 2009, 7:51, More)