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Web monkey in a London Company. Originaly German, but always accused of having a humour too harsh for them Germans.

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No, captain, I need to meditate for a while…
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(Thu 19th Aug 2021, 14:11, More)

Sorry, not sorry…

(Mon 21st Jun 2021, 16:29, More)

Adds 20 minutes drum solo
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(Mon 29th Mar 2021, 11:06, More)

Better wait a while until you get the better one.

(Mon 26th Nov 2018, 7:43, More)

Joke > Technique, yaddayaddayadda
(Tue 7th Aug 2018, 9:50, More)

Got distracted while working in Photoshop

(Fri 24th Jul 2015, 14:10, More)

Crappy 80ies technology...

(Sat 29th Dec 2012, 14:37, More)

I am passing this by every day at Piccadilly Circus

Had to get it out of my head
(Tue 1st Jul 2008, 10:12, More)

Don't mess with your web developers

(Wed 2nd May 2007, 9:26, More)

Now that is just silly...

(Sun 4th Feb 2007, 23:19, More)


(Sun 2nd Jul 2006, 14:42, More)

It is all in a good title

(Fri 12th Aug 2005, 11:00, More)

they all start small

(Thu 13th May 2004, 15:16, More)

I *really* want that

(Fri 20th Feb 2004, 13:22, More)


(Fri 9th Jan 2004, 16:42, More)

He never saw him as a grown-up

(Thu 4th Dec 2003, 8:58, More)

one for all and all for one

(Fri 28th Nov 2003, 11:29, More)

the sequel didn't sell as good

(Thu 17th Jul 2003, 11:01, More)


(Sun 11th May 2003, 21:20, More)

at long last

(Fri 28th Mar 2003, 14:19, More)

amazing these things

(Wed 12th Feb 2003, 15:24, More)


(Mon 13th Jan 2003, 12:16, More)

I always wondered
why the circle line is so messed up..

absolute tube

It's Friday, hmkay?
(Fri 15th Nov 2002, 12:37, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Clients Are Stupid

In the high times of .com
I was freelancing at an agency, and they looked for new in-house designers.

They hired a bird who had no screen design expertise or portfolio and showed them a hand-drawn pen and paper animation of a horse shagging a woman during her interview as an example of her skills.

The web agency hired her. I asked for my cheque in advance.
(Sun 28th Dec 2003, 23:01, More)

» Grandparents

Once my sister was reading the Cosmopolitan in the garden...
... and read an article that children whose mothers had orgasms during conception are brighter than others. She then asked my mother if she had an orgasm when they made her and my grandmother interjected with "Orgasm, all these newfangled things! We didn't have those, otherwise we'd have had fewer children!"
(Fri 3rd Jun 2011, 11:26, More)

» Clients Are Stupid

a client of ours
wanted to close their web site for two days to do the euro revamp. We did a holding page, with a logo, a sorry message and an email link. they claimed that people know them by the design of their navigation not their logo and asked us to put the navigation in, just without the links.

However, one of my junior developers topped that by starting to take out the hrefs of the links, rather than just doing a screenshot.
(Sun 28th Dec 2003, 22:59, More)

» How I Skive Off Work

If you work in IT
get used to reading grey or green on black. I spent the better part of a year chatting on IRC and my boss was sure I did a great job maintaining the server.
(Fri 29th Apr 2005, 14:27, More)

» Office Christmas Parties

Just pasting...
Closest tube stations are Oxford Circus (Victoria Line, Bakerloo Line & Central Line) and Piccadilly Circus (Piccadilly Line & Bakerloo Line).
There are ample taxi's to be found outside the bar, however this will be at individual expense.
Those requiring public transport can view final tube/train times at the link below. The final tube times for all lines at Oxford Circus & Piccadilly Circus are approximately 12:30am.
(Fri 17th Dec 2004, 13:54, More)
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