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» Ginger

It's not always easy being Ginger

At public school, everyone's got a nick-name, not many of the chaps had as many as I did. Some of them were alright, some were downright filthy, but the one that always returned was 'thick fucking ginge twat'. To make matters worse, I was the only ginger in the family, and the lads never tired of the old 'I bet the milkman's ginger' jokes. Oh, how I laughed.

When I was almost 13, my mum died in a car crash. My dad was never very good with the emotional stuff, and anyway, he and my mum had been living apart for a while before it happened. Gran was great, but being the only red-head at the funeral only made it clearer to me that I must have been conceived outside wedlock.

I fucked my A Levels and didn't really know what to do, so I joined the army. Thought I might see a bit of the world and get to shoot someone - might make me feel better. I used to get pissed quite a bit and go clubbing but girls didn't really feel comfortable around me.

I'd do anything to join in, once there was a fancy dress party - mainly army guys - so I thought I'd make myself the butt of all the jokes and go as a nazi. That went down like the proverbial lead balloon.

God knows what I'm going to do with the rest of my life now. My brother's going into the family business, but he's made it plain that there's not much room for me.

Any suggestions you lot?
(Fri 26th Feb 2010, 14:17, More)

» The Wank Bank

OK right
There was this time when I was about 16 and I was spending the summer at my Gran’s place in Norfolk like we always did. There was this girl who looked after the horses, must have been about 17 and she was FIT. I was a bit in love with her I suppose, and I used to sneak away and find places where I could watch her working. I loved watching her brushing the horses, it was a hot summer and the work was quite hard, so she’d sometimes do it in just a vest and jodpurs. The brushing movements would make her arse tense and her tits wobble, when she bent down to do their legs her tits would just about fall out of the vest and it was all I could do not to come on the spot, as I watched her through a gap in the floorboards of the hay loft, my raging cock rubbing against the straw.

And then one day, I couldn’t believe my luck. It had been really hot that day and when she led the big stallion into the stable, she was wearing vest and shorts. I moaned as quietly as I could and silently re-positioned myself to a position where I could get the best view, but things got even better. She tied the horse up near the hose-pipe and then peeled off the shorts and vest, putting them carefully to one side, leaving her wearing just a bikini and sandals. Then she turned on the hose and proceeded to give the horse a good soaping, before hosing him down.

She was totally preoccupied with the work and was getting herself pretty soapy too and I just HAD to get nearer to her. With the hose on and the horse making a bit of noise, stamping around and puffing, I found I could sneak down the stable stairs until I was just yards behind them with an amazing view of her sopping wet arse, foam dripping down her legs.

But then it stepped up a gear. The horse was getting aroused, his wang was starting to emerge pink and wet and HUGE, and the girl noticed this. She dipped her sponge in the bucket of suds and started ‘washing’ the horse’s massive wang gently, but as it got more and more aroused, she started properly wanking it, and with her left hand she was rubbing herself between the legs. By this time I was so close to cumming I couldn’t think straight and I must have made a noise because she suddenly spun round and saw me. Her face went from horror to surprise to relief to mischief in the blink of an eye and she spoke – hoarsely as it happens – ‘Come here Harry’.

I stumbled down the steps, holding onto my open trousers, my raging boner sticking out in front of me. All this time she hadn’t stopped wanking the horse. ‘Hurry up,’ she said and I walked up to her. She pulled her bikini top up and guided my hand to her breast, then reached down and began a double-wank, me and the stallion. Boy was she good.

The horse came like a fire extinguisher and I came too, spraying the girl’s midriff with cum. She slowed her manual manipulation and said, ‘OK, you’ve both had yours, now I want some.’ She led the horse back to his box then led me back up to the hayloft where she had me lick her on a clean blanket spread on the hay until she came like a train. She turned over onto all-fours and I didn't need to ask what she wanted; it was my first time and it's burned onto my memory - the smell of the hay and the horses, over-laid with the smell from her red, swollen snatch, the way the sunlight came through the windows...

But the memory I always return to is the sight of her wanking the horse and rubbing herself through her bikini pants.

Better than naked billiards any day.
(Tue 28th Aug 2012, 15:26, More)

» Siblings

Not funny
I was born in Liverpool. My mum had four kids, i'm the oldest. I had one half-brother Darryl and 2 half sisters Shirley and Leanne. We all had different dads i think. Mum was a junkie and probably a prossie. When i was 10 we all went inot care cos my gran died. I never got a home cos i was a pain just childrens homes. I used to run away alot cos i got bullied at the homes and at school. When i was 17 i ran away to London and ive not been back.

I lived pretty rough for ages. Did some stealing and eded up in a skwat. Then i started selling Big Issue and got myself together a bit. You might of seen me outside Kings Cross in the late 1990's. I did plenty of bad stuff but i got through it. If you seen a big scotsman with a eye patch, that was me what done it to him. I was pretty hard by thne and i tried to look out for the kids i seed what were like i was when i got here.

One time, i was just selling and i seen a girl with a bag what looked lost so i says to her "You all right love?" but she ran off. I kep seen her around and she was with a guy that was a right barstard so i says to her "Look, do you need somewere to kip cos i got a skwat and its ok."

Anyway, she come back to my place and i lets her sleep on the floor. She all skinny and i seen her rists was all cut and stuff. So i tryed to find out wot she was up to. Her name was Sky and she was just 16 and we had some drinks and a smoke and she venturly got warm and et some food too. Anyway, when i went to bed she climed in to and then we had sex. I told her i would look after her for a bit cos she was relly nice an that. When we got up we talked abit about wot we done an that. Turns out she was from Liverpool to and was in care to. I sed "Skys a funny name, sounds a bit hippy. I didnt see any hippy kids wen i was in care." so she says "Well my real name was horrid so i calld myself Sky cos its like a nice name." so i says "Wots your real name then" and she says "Leanne". turnd out she was my little sister.

I got drunk for about four or five days and she disapered. I never seen her again aftre that but somwun told me she was a junky so god nos whot happend to her then. I got sober and now i work in a kitchen but some times i wish i was ded.
(Tue 30th Dec 2008, 13:47, More)