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» Bullies

As a 6th Former...
...we used to do everything we could to get something to put on our incredibly short CV, and a common activity was being a prefect. Duties were minimal apart from monitoring the corridors at lunch times to make sure students weren't messing about.

So me and my friends are sitting there inside near to the doors in order to catch the little bastards as they tried to get in. As usual it was the 13-14 year old kids repeatedly trying to get in, more to annoy us than because they wanted to.

On the day in question it was myself and my 6'5" brick shit house of a friend Darren's turn to sit inside, when this scruffy little nobhead whose name i never learnt came in and started strutting up and down in front of us. As usual we asked him to leave, and as usual he was having none of it. Whether or not my friend was in a bad mood i'll never know, but on this day he wasnt having any of it. He walked straight up to the little shit and unleashed the greatest back-handed pimp slap i have ever seen. It was magnificent!

The little shit, lip wobbling, promptly walked out. Justice!
(Sat 16th May 2009, 17:15, More)