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» Hypocrisy

A rant rather than a story.
Mr Frosch is the most annoying man ever.
~He sets the alarm because he needs to start getting up earlier for work. So 7 am the alarm goes off. He keeps turning it off every ten minutes, waking me up, until 8. Then tries to get me to get up and have a shower just so he has an excuse to stay in bed longer. His reasoning? "But you always have first shower." He has to get up, so I do too.

~Now whenever Mr Frosch is on his laptop, he is not to be disturbed. He will move when he is ready. I've gotten out of the shower and have just sat down on my computer to check my vitals (email, facebook etc..). Finally out of the shower, my Frosch appears - "Shouldn't you be getting some breakfast? While you're down do you mind warming me up some leftovers and bringing me up a coffee?" Now, to his credit, I had actually gone downstairs and turned on the kettle before wondering why the hell he couldn't do it himself. I head back upstairs to ask him, only to find him already playing computer games waiting for his freshly brewed coffee.

~ We're both on diets at the moment - more his idea than mine to be honest. This seems to mean that I can't have one bar of chocolate a day (cut down from 4) but he's fine to eat 12 yorkshire puddings in one sitting. Massive hypocrite.

Length? Why do you think I'm with him? Apologies for the rant but just needed to get it out my system. I love him really.
(Sun 22nd Feb 2009, 22:36, More)