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» Pubs

not my local but
i once saw david mitchell (the fat one off of peep show) having a few in the oxford arms in north camden town. he was there with this fat bird, or at least she was trying to chat him up, and i promise you, he was totally in character.
the worst part was, having watched peep show extensively, i could imagine his inner monologue as she proceeded to explain how, why and when she had decided to give up smoking.
(Wed 11th Feb 2009, 14:23, More)

» Addicted

sometimes there just isn't enough time to cuddle afterwards.

but a serious addiction.... i have tried to stop. after about 4 days being clean, i generally have a wet dream.

even my own body wants the fruit to be spilled.
(Wed 24th Dec 2008, 0:51, More)

» School Days

charity doughnuts
every wednesday in year 11 we drove down to the local tescos in a free period before morning break, buy about 150 sweet tasty jam doughnuts, and then sell them for double what we bought them, advertising that all profit would go to charity.
being the filthy gits that we were, it is needless to say that come the end of the year we just pocketed the cash.
pretty terrible, but in hindsight we did a load of charity work as a school and we provided the student body with necessary sustinence in an apetising form.
feel terrible though.
(Mon 2nd Feb 2009, 2:25, More)