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i live in st.albans, just outside of london and am usually pretty happy....

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» Puns

one more
as jade goodie is being cremated, she has asked that everyone who is attending her funeral to be given a little satin pouch filled with her ashes. there're being called 'goodie bags'
(Thu 12th Mar 2009, 1:07, More)

» Pubs

no irish please!
the bricklayers arms in luton, one of the last truly 'english' working mans pub... and they are so proud to be english working class that its £12 for a pint of guiness on st.paddys day to 'keep the fucking paddies out' classic, im never gonna stop drinkin there!!!!
(Thu 5th Feb 2009, 23:35, More)

» Best and worst TV ads

I fucking hate charity adverts
Aboogaloo lives 50 miles from the closest source of water...

His Dad isnt there anymore, he's off fighting some pointless civil war...
His Mum is too weak from squirting out a bazillion children...
His bothers and sisters are too weak to move...
Aboogoloo has to walk 100 miles a day to fetch water for his family...

...start giving £2.00 a month? How about just a little bit of advice for Aboogaloo and his family:

(Fri 16th Apr 2010, 17:11, More)

» I'm going to Hell...

Impulse buy items
im going to hell because when waiting in line at places like starbucks, morrisons and such places they always have impulse buy items such as chocolate and magazines,once their parents are sufficiently occupied by the transaction or their children are far enough away. I will get close enough and casually wisper to the little darlings 'im going to kill you' then stand back in line and act like nothing has happened... the look of shear terror followed by the crying and one of them actuallt wet themselves! gives me a warm feeling inside... i think it might be hellfire
(Tue 16th Dec 2008, 14:46, More)

» Teenage Crushes - Part Two

So here we go...

Kirsten O'Brien: God knows what reason, just always imagined peeling a rather skinny thong away from her golden valley.

Michailla Stracken: I would smash te granny out of her, preferably somewhere in the African savannah surrounded by meercats...

The twins from funhouse: I would and you would. I spent many nights wanking myself into oblivion thinking about these too.
(Thu 5th Nov 2009, 12:10, More)
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