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» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

Makes shopping more fun!
My friends, let me tell you about one of my greatest joys in life. It is a wondrous way to pass the time. It makes life just that little bit more worth living. And it goes by the name of... Supermarket Tetris.

When you reach the checkout, you've got a lovely long conveyor-belt to load your goods on to. And your shopping is, for the most part, in rectangular packaging. It is up to you, o noble player, to load your items onto the belt in true Tetris style. Baguettes go down the long side, a box of Weetabix fits across there, fill in that gap with a tub of Flora... That's a complete row! SCORE!!

Humming the theme tune and then acting as if nothing is amiss when people look at you only adds to the childish glee.

Try it. You just might like it.

Other stuff:
- Playing "pull my finger" with my boyfriend
- Demanding piggybacks from said long suffering boyfriend at inopportune moment
- Tongue Jousting with Boyfriend Of Infinite Patience (pretty self-explanatory; poke your tongues out and joust with them, first one to back off is the loser)
- Not stepping on cracks in pavement
- Riding on the top deck of buses and planning my escape route across the roofs of houses for when the zombie apocalypse comes
- Trying to make the water go down the plughole the wrong way
- And much, much more!
(Tue 22nd Sep 2009, 14:03, More)

» Good Advice

A question of class.
"You can always tell how classy a place is, be it pub, restaurant, or otherwise, by the positioning of the mirrors in the toilets. The closer they are to the door, the more likely it is that the clientele will have to check they put their clothes back on correctly before they leave."

Thanks Mum.
(Thu 20th May 2010, 23:00, More)

» The Soundtrack of your Life

Talkin' 'bout the big monkey man
Oh, goodness... There's this one song. And. I. It. Right. Um. Well.

Basically, this song is, to me, the greatest song in all the world. As soon as I hear the shout in the beginning, my face explodes into a grin of pure jubilation. There is nothing that makes me want to jump to my feet and skank my arse off quite like this song. It's silly, it's fun, and it makes my eyes well with tears with just how much life and joy there is in this track. We're talking spinning-in-circles, arms-out-like-an-aeroplane, traffic-cone-on-your-head, pure and sweet childlike glee that makes my spirit sing. It's sunshine, and lollipops, and the last day of school before the summer holidays, and the first bluebells of spring, and realising you have some fucking jaffa cakes in your coat pocket. Please do check it out.

Monkey Man, as covered by Reel Big Fish: www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSuEMJ_48YE

(There's also the obligatory "One That Got Away" song, which is Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy, but that's a little less fun.)
(Fri 29th Jan 2010, 22:52, More)

» Bizarre habits

The Lucky Milk
It's a subject that's come up a fair bit with my friends and relatives, but it seems nobody knows about the lucky milk. Nobody but me.

When I open a new bottle of milk, I lick the foil-y bit. Same with yoghurt pots, and cartons of cream. I do it without thinking. It's earned me many a strange look when in the company of my mother or friends. I've been known to walk into the kitchen to help my mum with the tea order, see her opening the milk and whip it out of her hand to lick it. If the foil gets thrown away with the lucky milk still on it, I have an impulse to take it out the bin and lick it. Even if it's been in the bin several hours with a used tea-bag, some cold beans and a clump of cat hair sitting on top of it.

However, I have been able to control this urge, and haven't actually gone so far as to remove said item from the bin and lick it. Yet.
(Fri 2nd Jul 2010, 0:16, More)

» Presents

A gift that is not to be
My fella and I both like ridiculous things. Even more so, we like ridiculous things with a potential for causing physical harm. So, imagine my delight when I found... THIS:

"Riding a Segway is an awe inspiring experience that has to be tried before you can understand how amazing it really is. Imagine a feeling like hovering above the ground at speed with complete control over any terrain."

How tacky is that?!

Sadly, the maximum weight for this is *mumble mumble* stone, and my blokey is a little more than this (more due to his freakish height than anything, which is the reason I can't get him the tank driving experience linked somewhere else on this QOTW). Please, please someone take up this utterly stupid idea!!

Also, I have asked him for jewellery from Hairy Growler Jewellery, hairygrowler.co.uk (Is sfw, despite the name!) Gorgeous designs, each handmade (and therefore unique), made from recycled bits so it's environmentally friendly too.
(Fri 27th Nov 2009, 14:15, More)
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