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» I Drank Meths (pointless teenage things you did to shock)

The stealing game
Sixth year was our best year at school. The teachers were a bit more lax, and you cared a bit less.

One of the best things that happened during our sixth year was the invention of 'the stealing game'

As simple as it sounds really.

You got one point for stealing something (trivial - like pens and rulers from the meticulously counted supply)

Two points for stealing something that had the department written on it ('ENGLISH' or 'COMPUTING' etc)

five points for getting that particular theft used in a different department.

and a whopping 50 points for stealing a teachers id badge

some of the best steals include:
-all 8 of the computing departments doorstops (hidden in a cupboard) which i believe to this day are holding up the piano in the music department.

Cue weeks of 'Who steals doorstops? seriously!' from the head of IT.

-the theft of the signs to point and announce entrance to specific departments, and the re-arrangement of the entire school. (you'd follow the sigh to 'maths department' and end up in the 'geography department' which was actually the cafeteria etc.

-same as above but with the names on the doors of all the teachers offices.

-teachers shying away from us in corridors, because we went all teary-eyed 'oh i cant believe we're leaving this year' *sob* trying to give them a hug (to steal their id badges).

-stealing all the balls from the mice in computing and putting them in the fish tank outside the headteachers office.

-moving clocks between classrooms, so that each classroom still had a clock, just it was a different clock to the one they were used to. a lot of quizzical looks by teachers towards their clocks.

good times
(Sun 22nd Jul 2007, 13:55, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Picture the scene:
It's boxing day, and little jimmy and johnny are comparing their christmas presents.

Jimmy: "so what did you get?"

Johnny: "I got a football, and a rugby ball, and a tennis set, and some dvds, and a Playstation 2, and loads of games, and a game boy, and some books, and a remote control car, and a remote control plane, and a little motorbike, that really goes! And I got LOADS of sweets and chocolate, and i got to go to lapland to meet Santa!"


Johnny:"yeah, I know!, so what did you get?"

Jimmy: "I got a football and a selection box"

Johnny:"That's a bit crap, isnt it?"

Jimmy: "Yeah I suppose, but then I'm not the one who's got terminal luekaemia."
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 18:47, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

3 Jews win the lottery
And scoop the £8m jackpot.

They are getting ready to divvy up the cash and one says:

"right, so that's £2 million to me, £2 million to each of you, and £2 million to the Germans"

The other two reply:

"£2 million to the fucking GERMANS? What the fuck for?"

Says the first jew, rolling up his sleeve:

"Well, they did give us the numbers."
(Sat 11th Sep 2004, 20:54, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Little girl walks in on daddy in the shower...
"what's that between your legs daddy?"

Dad says: "that's my penis"

"Oh! When will I get one of those between my legs?"

"Just wait half an hour until your mum goes to bingo."
(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 18:38, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

What do you get when you break a baby's jaw?

(Thu 9th Sep 2004, 18:34, More)
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