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I rant about things. Swear too much. Have an occasional typo in my posts and generally have a laugh with life.

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» DIY Techno-hacks

I heard this one too late...
This one could have gone in for last weeks (sort of), but I only heard about it this morning.

And friend of a friend was in an exam in June, and he was extremely nervous. To calm himself, he took prozac... Lots of it.

He was sat in the exam, and throughout the whole exam he was climaxing. Constantly.

He was sat near the middle of the hall, among all of the fit girls in his psychology group, constantly jizzing.

He failed the exam with a 3/200 score (he got his name on it) and had to write to the exam board explaining what had happened. He was then allowed to re-sit the exam for free!!

As for this QOTW... I'll have to get back to you...
(Thu 20th Aug 2009, 20:27, More)

» Sexual fetishes

Top 3...
Long socks.
You know those stripey over knee ones you can get... or ones with bows on (but not highlighter-pink ones...). I don't know what it is about those, but they are just pretty damn sexy.

Sexy Lingerie.
'nuff said.

Long socks WITH sexy lingerie.
Well... I'm in heaven then.

Only on girls though... Wouldn't really work on a guy...
(Sat 24th Oct 2009, 21:52, More)

» The Dark

I was in Morrisons once, just with my mates buying some lunch and ALL of the lights went out. ALL of them.

There were many screams from children, immature girls and the odd guy. It was all a bit weird to be honest. I think there was an alarm aswell.

They came back on after about 10 mins, which made the shelf-stackers with torches a bit redundant.

I can bet that MANY things were stolen that day.
(Tue 28th Jul 2009, 16:07, More)

» Letters they'll never read

Dear all of the Audi/BMW/Young Corsa drivers

I love cars. I love driving. There is no fucking need, however, to drive behind me with a space the width of 3 human hairs from my bumper. Just no need.

There is also no need to drive with shit dance music on, with your windows down.

There is also no need to stop at a set of trafic lights (in the dark) and not use your hand brake! Take you foot off the fucking pedal and stop blinding me you twats!!!!

Yours angrilly

One Winged
(Tue 9th Mar 2010, 19:01, More)

» Hypocrisy

This is grade A Hypocrisy, and annoyed me immensly...

Me and my mates arn't exactly massive smokers (there were two of us who smoked), but they did do a bit of w**d every now and again.

A close mate of mine (Sam) started to smoke because he was offered one (this was about six months ago).

Sam's girlfriend was VERY upset with him about it and she kicked up a fuss about it every time she smelt it on him, or saw him do it doing the whole "I hate it when you smoke!" and "Don't come near me" routine. She even tried to make him to quit.


A couple of months ago, we all went out, and before we went inside, the smokers stopped for a smoke, and so we stayed with them (to be polite, you know?). Sam's girlfriend then got a ciggarette out and sparked up and complete outrage was upon the group.

I just annoyed me that after trying to get Sam to quit and the shouting and everything else... she has the face to spark up herself!

Now I've got that off my chest... I can go and make some dinner now.

(ps. they tried to get me to smoke... they failed...[*insert long and complicated family history here*])
(Fri 20th Feb 2009, 17:51, More)
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