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I still can't believe Scat-man John is dead...

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b3ta winamp skin
I've made a few subtle changes to the standard winamp skin...

You can download it here.
Dump the file in your winamp/skins folder and open winamp,
right click on the equalizer and choose skins -> b3taskin.
I hope it works - lemme know of any probs!
(Thu 21st Mar 2002, 9:10, More)

The British Association of Aerial Goat Fishers
are currently lobbying the I.O.C.

(Fri 22nd Feb 2002, 10:03, More)


(Sat 9th Feb 2002, 6:51, More)

Jordan gives birth in front of fans...
but things misfire

(Thu 7th Feb 2002, 6:27, More)

Congrats! It's a.........

(Wed 6th Feb 2002, 8:36, More)


(Thu 31st Jan 2002, 17:58, More)

All monitors are evil

(Sun 27th Jan 2002, 9:05, More)

Furtive's new 'Smart Penguin' misses target
Innocent civilians injured.

(Not sure whether this counts as an eye pic or a normal one)
(Sat 26th Jan 2002, 8:36, More)

Paul's Facial Hair Designer Version 1.0

(Tue 22nd Jan 2002, 5:51, More)

Paul The Gaul

(Tue 22nd Jan 2002, 3:47, More)

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