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[challenge entry] b3tatatatatatata....

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(, Sat 9 Feb 2002, 6:51, archived)
# Dear god
.... that makes me feel sick.... probably the hang over tho'
(, Sat 9 Feb 2002, 6:56, archived)
# I wanted
to check out the rest of the board, but i've been scrolling this pic up and down for the last half hour.
I feel quite sick now. Please save me.
(, Sat 9 Feb 2002, 9:29, archived)
# my god
it's rather amazing when you do that, isn't it?
(, Sat 9 Feb 2002, 9:48, archived)
# Whoooaaa....
That is sooo cool!

But what is the pic in the middle, is to small to see?
(, Sat 9 Feb 2002, 7:12, archived)
# The pic
is nothing exciting I'm afraid - just the thing from the middle of the challenge pic.
(, Sat 9 Feb 2002, 7:17, archived)