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» Hoarding

My Mum is a hoarder
My little Australian family recently paid a visit to ze fatherland (aka Kent). The weather was a bit chilly for my little ones, so grandma dug out a coat for her grandson:
(Thu 3rd May 2012, 14:42, More)

» Prejudice

Instant Prejudice
Whenever someone asks me "What star-sign are you" they are instantly filed in the "Fucking Moron" category for humanity.
(Thu 1st Apr 2010, 15:45, More)

» Ginger

This is my son. Game Set and Match.

(Sat 27th Feb 2010, 0:31, More)

» School Projects

Gae Paree (Gay Paris)
When I was about thirteen and doing French at my secondary school, the teacher asked us to make a french themed collage.

Mine took about five minutes to make:

1. A picture of a couple kissing on a bench in front of the Eiffel Tower.
2. Another picture of a french bloke.
3. Gullotined woman's head off.
4. Glued other bloke's head on.
5. Scrawled 'Gay Paris' over the top.
6. Handed said juxtaposed masterpiece to teacher.
7. Returned to drawing penises on heads of all the tour de france cyclists in the text book.
(Fri 14th Aug 2009, 10:18, More)

» Bizarre habits

Small Spoons
I always like to eat my pudding with a small spoon.
(Fri 2nd Jul 2010, 8:11, More)
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