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'morning folks.

(Sun 10th Aug 2014, 10:05, More)


(Sat 18th Jan 2014, 14:06, More)

Sorry for posting this in the middle(ton) of the Kate painting bandwagon

(Fri 11th Jan 2013, 13:30, More)

Ha, I've actually had this in my head for a while now:

(Wed 22nd Sep 2010, 23:45, More)

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» Anonymous

Pay and Display
Whenever I return to my car when I've parked at a Pay and Display car park and find I still have a couple of hours left on the ticket I go and stick it to the machine so somebody else can find it and then not have to buy a ticket. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to think this anonymous act may have saved someone a couple of quid and brightened their day a bit.
(Tue 19th Jan 2010, 21:53, More)

» Call Centres

A long while back my life was so shit I decided to end it all and made my way to the top of a tower block. In a desperate attempt to see if any other human would care if I snuffed it I rang The Samaritans and heard the following;

'Hello, you have reached The Samaritans. Sorry but we are unable to take your call right now, please hold.'

And then a song played. And what was it? Only bloody 'Jump' by Van Halen.

(DISCLAIMER: May be 100% fictional)
(Thu 3rd Sep 2009, 13:35, More)

» DIY Techno-hacks

PlayStation 2 tinkering
A long long time ago my PlayStation 2 (the old 'fat' type) developed a strange fault in which the attached controllers would no longer vibrate. This was bizarre as the dualshock function of the controllers worked when they were hooked up to other PS2s.

For years I played without any force feedback; there was no rumble when shredding tyres in Gran Turismo 4 and in Metal Gear Solid 'Psycho Mantis' couldn't move my controller with his mind despite his insistence that he could, much to my amusement. However one day I decided I would fix this and after a quick trip to Google found it was a common fault - a fuse had blown on the motherboard.

With my laptop on hand displaying an online repair guide I wrenched apart the PS2, fought past years of dust and even the remains of a spider to unearth the motherboard. After using a current tester on various fuses to ensure I would be operating on the correct one I crudely soldered a short length of copper wire to either end as a bridge.

I followed the guide in reverse, fitted everything back together and turned it on. Success! Now I could mow somebody down in their own car in GTA and feel the impact on the bonnet in the palms of my hands!

I still ended up with one screw left over at the end though.
(Thu 20th Aug 2009, 17:45, More)

» Utterly Drunk

Last night I was totally legless...
...so much so that I accidentally shot my girlfriend.

Oscar Pistorius.
(Thu 14th Feb 2013, 17:51, More)

» Bizarre habits

Strange clothing
I once knew a religious woman who tie-dyed her outfit, which was in stark contrast to her colleagues' more restrained uniforms.

It was a bizarre habit.
(Thu 1st Jul 2010, 14:57, More)
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